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Gabby cosplaying Zuzana(C) By BIGBIG -- Report

Commission for  Kattu
Thanks for commissioning me :)

x-ray version -

Their OC Gabby cosplaying as Zuzana and Emily cosplaying as just-a-little vore's Gianny

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Comment on Gabby cosplaying Zuzana(C)

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Posted by mthekiller362 1 year ago Report

I’ll be honest, I thought that was Zuzana, not Gabby


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

Thats the point of cosplaying right? XD


Posted by mthekiller362 1 year ago Report

Hehehe, I suppose it is. And she’s does it well.

Random thought, what would Zuzana say at seeing Gaby how she is? I feel she would nom her, or befriend her. But that’s just my opinion.


Posted by Reiko 1 year ago Report

Another knock outta the park, Biggy. Poor Pizza Boys :'( Pour one out for them.


Posted by jak55 1 year ago Report

Is that who i think it is on the far left in the pink outfit?! X)


Posted by HindDance24 1 year ago Report

)) yup


Posted by Savagerush012 1 year ago Report



Posted by tgawsome 1 year ago Report

You would think that after all the years Gabby would stop listening to Emily about these things.


Posted by Potatomaximus 1 year ago Report

At first I was like "Isn't Zuzana supposed to be waaaay bigger than that?" then I read the description and felt stupid.


Posted by Executor 1 year ago Report

Is that... Is that Chewbacca?


Posted by Suneater 1 year ago Report

I see Princess Bubblegum in that crowd~ ^V^


Posted by DarkNeroInfini 1 year ago Report

Killing it with all the uploads Big. While I was watching the stream, I thought what if Zuzana was at the con on a meet & greet panel and meets Gabby?


Posted by hamletvalley 1 year ago Report

Ember looks like she's trying to alert someone.


Posted by EnderDracolich 1 year ago Report

She looks rather cute, and also quite embarrassed.


Posted by G0DF1RE 1 year ago Report

Damn that's nice


Posted by SiHiUiLiSiEi 1 year ago Report one damn good cosplay!


Posted by xXxBadxApplexXx 1 year ago Report

The people in the background tho... Vader's "lightsaber"