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World of Vore Evolution #9.5: The Great Consumer (RWBY) By moonpunch101

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This entry isn't a main entry in the series, and is something of a tide over until I can write the next bit, so there's NO VOTING FOR THIS ONE. In the meantime, enjoy this little dip into the lore of vore within my version of the RWBY setting, as well as some possible hints at things to come.

To be honest, i've had this done for a while and just haven't gotten around to uploading it til now, so extra apologies to tankbuster626 and Larkspurdiblock, who helped me by proof-reading this, for taking so long on it.

Next part, as mentioned in Part 9, will have the usual voting system back.


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Posted by zackattack98 9 days ago

about how long until you think the next part will be up


Posted by moonpunch101 9 days ago

No clue. I haven't started writing it yet, though I do have it planned extensively. Could write it today, tomorrow or weeks from now, though hopefully not that last one, depending on various factors.


Posted by Nightmare49 8 days ago

it would be fun to see Ruby break those phases. Not falling into that trap.


Posted by moonpunch101 8 days ago

It's slightly enforced, I feel. Like, the pred's mind automatically begins sliding in that direction in a way that, by the time they notice, they don't exactly care.

I mean, Ruby breaking the trend would be fun, but as long as people keep voting for her, that won't happen, as there's no other way to justify her continually devouring people.


Posted by Nightmare49 8 days ago

ah too bad.


Posted by moonpunch101 8 days ago

Agreed, but it's the compromise for doing something with this sort of voting. That said, I do hope Ruby gets voted in as prey eventually. Could be a lot of fun.


Posted by Nightmare49 7 days ago

in a way i hope not. but you never know


Posted by moonpunch101 7 days ago

Well, we'll see eventually, no matter what happens. :P