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An Ultimate Meal By Draconatedz -- Report

Lady Corrin's dilemma of which side to choose seemed juvenile, now that she was busy padding the ass of the ruler of the superior Mushroom Kingdom. Lucina's dreams of changing the future were dashed by that same princess' utter insatiable gluttony. Likewise, not even Grima's vessel could escape her fate as fat, as the blonde ruler swallowed her without a second thought. Palutena's god-like powers proved to be of little use inside of Peach's powerful stomach, while Luma was quickly knocked off stage, giving Peach just the chance she needed to consume the calorie dense galaxian drifter. Her final meal of the long awaited newcomer inkling ended up splatted inside her well packed tummy, with all the other girls now plumpening up her frame.

Pokemon Trainer Leaf didn't even get to send out a single pokemon before being plucked from the background and swallowed whole, while Wii Fit Trainer's years of body training were reduced to excess pudge in after a few intense churning noises. Princess Daisy's long awaited debut on the main stage was replaced by a satisfied belch from Princess Zelda's grinning lips, while her appetite longed for nothing more than to slurp down Bayonetta's long, long legs next. Topping off her indulgent feast was one Samus Aran, a bounty hunter that was more food that fierce once her power armor and flashy zero suit were picked clean off, leaving the tastiest blonde Zelda had ever had the pleasure of eating and digesting in her entire life.

That was, until she laid eyes on a deliciously fattened Princess Peach, the only fighter left to dine on. As Peach rubbed and swell, and Zelda licked her lips, they both had the same thoughts drifting in their hunger obsessed minds...

"She's next..."


A gift from my good friend  renael made by the incredibly talented  ecchipandaa! Here, we have Princess Peach and Princess Zelda, pudgy and curvy after an ultimate meal, that will be complete once the other is squeezed and shoved down their royal lips! And who will be left as the queen of all of smash? Which do you guys think should win?

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Posted by Whereaminow27 11 months ago Report

Go Zelda ! ! !


Posted by Gunbot1333 11 months ago Report

Peach should win


Posted by Ryu 11 months ago Report

I Vote For Zelda!!

Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 11 months ago Report

Gogogogogo Zelda


Posted by MysteryFuto 11 months ago Report

i read ultimate meal and i was expecting danganronpa

also peach


Posted by Draconatedz 11 months ago Report

Haha, I didn't even think of that. A similar pic of all the dangan girl's discarded clothing and two even fatter girls remaining would be real good.


Posted by CasualObserver 11 months ago Report

I vote Zelda.


Posted by HarlequinGemini 11 months ago Report

Man, dunno who to pick between Peach and Zelda. Fuck


Posted by cheeseandmango 11 months ago Report

My vote is for Zelda to win


Posted by Insanity7 11 months ago Report

My vote is for peach.


Posted by anema_sesuna 11 months ago Report



Posted by universius 11 months ago Report

Definitely Peach. She's always felt like the more "innocent" of the two to me, and corrupting innocence is one of the most fascinating things in the world to me


Posted by TheZeldaVoreLiker 11 months ago Report

Zelda of course


Posted by KDzee 11 months ago Report

I need more Zelda vore

I should write Zelda vore...


Posted by Draconatedz 11 months ago Report

Which Zelda design is your favorite? I'm really pleased they picked her cutie patootie Link Between Worlds look.


Posted by KDzee 11 months ago Report

I'm really partial to the Between Worlds look she got for Ultimate, honestly!


Posted by Draconatedz 11 months ago Report

Top tier taste my dude, you absolutely should write her!


Posted by Renael 11 months ago Report


Posted by pbysteria 11 months ago Report

Picking zelda to see that buckle snap


Posted by lllll1337 11 months ago Report

Zelda :)


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 11 months ago Report

Obviously Zelda no contest.


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 11 months ago Report

I think my vote is pretty much automatic... Zelda, Zelda, Zelda!!!


Posted by Blarginated 11 months ago Report

Zelda, 100%; gotta see that belt explode from around her peach-filled gut.


Posted by alluensse 11 months ago Report


The K

Posted by The K 11 months ago Report

I'm going with Zelda for this one.


Posted by 157and493 11 months ago Report

Princess vs Princess


Posted by Disentariaki 11 months ago Report



Posted by hamilton4 11 months ago Report

Oooo very nice~ I guess I'd pull for Zelda on this one haha


Posted by Datonenumbnuts 11 months ago Report

Totally zelda


Posted by cr055x 11 months ago Report

Voting for Zelda on this.


Posted by Flame14 11 months ago Report

Would love seeing Zelda after she’s had a nice ripe Peach to snack on.


Posted by MystifiedBeef 11 months ago Report



Posted by RavenousVoid 10 months ago Report

I vote Zelda


Posted by Adeleine123 6 months ago Report

Good thing neither both of them eated Nana ;3


Posted by Shogun31 3 months ago Report

I would love to see Zelda win ;-;


Posted by Stamaster 1 month ago Report

Y'know, I wanted Starly to be an echo of Starfy if they got into Ultimate.

But now I'm kinda glad she wasn't, because the young princess would be pudge and I don't want there.