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Fairy Boy Rescue - Page 3 By Tsavo -- Report

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As the frog girl floats in the cool waters of the pond, the fairy boy is experiencing the hot confines of the frog girl's belly. He's beginning his descent into the frog's intestines, and things have gotten considerably tighter for him. The walls clench and compress around him, trying to compact him into meat for his predator. Meanwhile, the fairy girl has found a safe spot to call to her village for help.

This is a commission for  agnitnurk, who laid out this story and dialogue for me. This project has been a long time in the making. It took me many months of work, chipping away every week on on this piece. I really had to go to school on backgrounds, as I really wanted to make an environment that fit the scenario. Getting better by degrees.

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Posted by SeekGr 10 months ago Report

Do you know that you are amazing? xD


Posted by shardez 10 months ago Report

My pp hard


Posted by 55555 10 months ago Report

Fucking gorgeous yo


Posted by Xxxxxxxxxx 10 months ago Report

You sir!...are an excellent drawer....keep it up!!!!!


Posted by joeburp22181 10 months ago Report

Ditto to everything that's been said here Tsavo. Still one of the greats, but perhaps getting even better all the time! Thanks for sharing the commission here. It's fantastic!


Posted by lakai 10 months ago Report

The throat bulge is so hot. Lewd contours, bulging out, a satisfied predator, prey going down down down to their rightful place. <3


Posted by zobabu 10 months ago Report

Wow that is one of the best comics I have seen in ages!


Posted by empatheticapathy 10 months ago Report

I hope this one frog girl gets the whole rest of their village.


Posted by Suneater 10 months ago Report

Totes more scat in the future my friend!! You draw it very well ^v^


Posted by stargate1990 10 months ago Report

Absolutely amazing work! Look forward to more works from u


Posted by Birichino 10 months ago Report

Seriously, what a rude frog.


Posted by Birichino 10 months ago Report

At least she's not greedy.
What a show that boy's getting, though.


Posted by Altimos 10 months ago Report

Absolutely Beautiful...
Your work is simply beautiful, I cannot stress this enough. Agnitnurk awesome idea and your artwork put together a wonderful comic.
<3 <3 <3


Posted by wiseguy288 10 months ago Report

Okay, which one of you jackasses wasn't clapping!?

Seriously though, great job. This comic is fantastic


Posted by TETRO 10 months ago Report

I can't stop thinking about this comic. It's probably one of those I'm going to remember for a long time. It's damn good.

Your art style is sharp and you made a very sexy pred with a great mix of animalistic behavior and human form. I was actually getting kind of jealous that guy for a minute there!


Posted by Nugget1138 10 months ago Report

Your work is more than worth the wait, this is absolutely fantastic


Posted by Nekochow 10 months ago Report

Looks like I'm not the only one commissioning fairies getting eaten XD

The work you put into the backgrounds here really shines, especially on the first panel of page three - it doesn't look like you used any of the common "shortcuts" painting those trees in. The tranquity of that pond and the inset of the fairy guy's struggle inside her is a great contrast.

I think my favourite part is page 2 though, the expressions are pretty great, and I like the fairy trying to reason with the frog girl to let the other fairy go... with the obvious result.

TL;DR art good


Posted by torontofan 10 months ago Report

Honestly, that burp is amazing. What a way to truly show the dominance and lack of care from this presentation. Absolutely fantastic


Posted by BlueIce 10 months ago Report

Like how he's still figuring out how to survive while using magic. All looks very nice


Posted by Kasra 10 months ago Report

This is a great series of comics!


Posted by Grinnsinn 10 months ago Report

Such a pretty face in panel 2.... wait what was i going to say again, i got distracted


Posted by Natalya 10 months ago Report

Simply phenomenal! Awesome job~! ♥♥


Posted by lynne 10 months ago Report

I'm unironically in love with everything you draw


Posted by ninjajoeman 10 months ago Report

neet but that black line in the second panel seems odd.


Posted by Kronguss 10 months ago Report

This comic has opened my eyes.


Posted by ryoukura 10 months ago Report

I love it when a tongue is wrapped around the prey <3


Posted by lukmansihebat 10 months ago Report

wow.. you really are amazing. even more so when you're doing commish for agnitnurk, an equally talented artist as you are..

I feel great that this artwork is born. thank you, both of you


Posted by Kitsouille 10 months ago Report

Nothing short of amazing :p


Posted by Maexam2 10 months ago Report

Well, sorry fairy-chan, but you know what they say. "It's the circle of life~..."


Posted by UnknownPerson9876 10 months ago Report

Rip in the chat for that dude


Posted by linthia 10 months ago Report

Kinda sad for those fairies... but damn that was great <3


Posted by Turbotowns 10 months ago Report

How/Why are the same comments on each page? XD


Posted by Tsavo 9 months ago Report

A bit late here, but the comics are stored in a linked folder with merged comments. This makes it easier for people to comment and reply on the comic without it being separated into separate pages and sections.


Posted by Turbotowns 9 months ago Report



Posted by Phantomtnt05 10 months ago Report

Can we see a comic with Sarada Uchiha vore some one or Sumire


Posted by Lilladybug 4 months ago Report

You always draw such inviting throats. Soft, dangly uvulas, throats filled with rings, and all that saliva... Beautiful. 8//3