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Food Fight By Scaylid00d -- Report

The act of a lone pred capturing their prey is often a straight-forward process. Prey is subdued, resists and struggles before being swallowed, and the prey is finally digested. The pred is nourished anew.

However, what happens when multiple preds descend upon a single prey? ...It's a more awkward spectacle~ ❤

With three powerful preds all fighting over her, that poor prey-girl is gut-fodder now. Now way of saving her from this. Only question left is which gut she'll get to bulge out in?

Who do you think is going to come out on top? o3o; The lizard-girl on the right has a good deal of muscle and girth, then again the naga has an impressive tail and surface-area to whip around. The cow-girl to the left seems to have joined in a little late, but she's swallowed more of the prey than the other two monstergirls have managed so far! Plenty of beef on her bones too!

Perhaps, the pred to eat last is the real winner? Chances are that the first pred to swallow that helpless girl, will get swallowed up themselves. What's better than a full-bodied meal? One with another full body already in it! ❤ Eventually only one pred-girl might come out the winner in all this, and with a HUGE, bulging belly as the prize!

Only time will tell... e3e;

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

A long-overdue drawing I made during a livestream, finally finished up! :D It was drawn for my Patrons who voted on which kind of monstergirl they'd like to see fight over a meal.

The monstergirls in this scene were all inspired by a game called "Eroico Re". It's a challenging platformer game, and I highly recommend it =^ v ^=

Let me know what you think!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

I'm sure in her mind it doesn't matter much who eats her as one stomach is the same as another from the inside :p


Posted by Turbotowns 2 years ago Report

Fighting OVER food rather than fighting WITH food, kinda prefer the latter, but when a nice succulent piece of prey is involved, the former is inevitable. XD


Posted by FatherBones 2 years ago Report

Feed the cow


Posted by Attilan 2 years ago Report

The cow wins. She got 4 stomachs, so she actualy has one free for another prey!


Posted by SeekGr 2 years ago Report

I'm hope the naga wins.
Because naga lol


Posted by Slayerpaco 2 years ago Report

Cow eats girl, lizard girl eats cow, naga eats lizard girl, naga win XP


Posted by SeekGr 2 years ago Report

Awe! only the lizard girl would feel in naga internals though! lol


Posted by SVWriter 2 years ago Report

I think the Cow would win.
She might end up eating the naga with the prey...
Oh, but that would leave the Lizard Free...
So, maybe the Lizard would win?


Posted by Slimshod 2 years ago Report

Let the cow have her so the lizard can eat the cow, then have the naga eat the lizard since her body can accomodate the biggest of bulges.


Posted by TheVoreyeur 2 years ago Report

I'm predicting (and hoping!) that the cow and the lizard are both going to get stuck around her waist and the naga is then going to swallow all of them in sequence O///W///O


Posted by Fischie 2 years ago Report

Lovely idea. I thought the naga might coil up all three preys and eat them in a row but your idea is better.


Posted by ABrinson27 2 years ago Report

Oh my wish it was me~


Posted by nnn4463 2 years ago Report

Simple solution, just eat them all


Posted by Manchura 2 years ago Report

what if in the end the prey girl gets them all? .3.


Posted by Callen 2 years ago Report

lol somebody's getting an extra meal


Posted by Altimos 2 years ago Report




Posted by Siege 2 years ago Report

Lizard and Naga should make a deal, lizard gets the preygirl, naga gets the moomoo.


Posted by vorelover3678 2 years ago Report

she looks like shes in heaven. I wish I was in her postion.


Posted by cooleatme 2 years ago Report

I wanna eat the cow's ass out as she churns my girlfriend, tbh <3


Posted by Cheatsymang 2 years ago Report

The easy solution would be to actually take bites out and share like most real life predators.


Posted by dwarfhunter 2 years ago Report

im sure the patient hunter will be the one who comes out with the big full wiggling gut in the end >;3


Posted by EnderDracolich 2 years ago Report

Just for giggles, I'm going to say the naga. I know Vore isn't realistic, but if it were... that tail would be hella strong. Way stronger than a humanoid cow or lizard.


Posted by Kaboomer 2 years ago Report

I'm gonna save that girl >:(
*shoots laser gun and evaporates all preds*


Posted by Vitcent 2 years ago Report

I wanted to come back to gush about this picture because goshh <3 Preds fighting over prey is one of those scenes I imagined would be fun to draw and this shows that absolutely >:3 My favorite part is just how blissed out that prey is enjoying all the attention shes getting, weheh


Posted by slimjam 2 years ago Report

I hope the cow girl wins! She looks like she wants it the most!


Posted by KaiserDunk 2 years ago Report

I guess at that point it doesn't really matter what the prey's opinion of the whole dispute is, since she's just dinner for whoever wins.


Posted by mawileluvergirl 1 year ago Report

Naga girl and lizard girl, there's food enough to go around! Let Miss Snake gulp down the human and the lizard gets the cow :3


Posted by Anthrophage 3 months ago Report

Why not just cut her in half?