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Arachne-Chow By Scaylid00d -- Report

The world of Echidna Wars DX is an especially perilous one. The whole world fell to an overwhelming invasion of monstergirls, an event contemptuously referred to as Echidna's violation.

Four brave heroines dared fight this terrifying, voracious menace. Despite their selfless determination, soon only Sachio the wolfgirl remained uneaten. The rest of her three friends had all been disgracefully gurgled to milky moosh, one by one. Sachio knew she needed help...

Three brave new fighters came to her aid. Two bunnygirls, Mona and Anoixi, and one head-strong elf joined Sachio on her next mission. Ahead of them lay three dangerous levels: Ryonazawa City, Forest of Bee Hive, and Nameless Mountain. Sachio and her original team didn't make it past the Queen Bee, deep in the second level's bee hive.

... this time, they didn't even get past the first drider~ ❤

Pictured here, is why you never take driders lightly. They are one of the MANY hungry monstergirls clamoring to stuff you inside their grumbling bellies. Driders are fast, agile, and their webs make for a crippling ranged attack. A drider's lasso of web is difficult to dodge, and if it snags you, it's pretty much over. You're going inside her whether you like it or not!

This drider has dragged all three of the girls back to her humble little cave shelter. No one will disturb them here. Poor Mona, one of the bunnygirls, is already stewing inside the drider's hot, squishy gut. She's left pinned helplessly in place, as slick juices slowly begin to work on her. At least she won't be left to melt alone. The struggling, defiant elf is going to join her soon~
The other two girls, Sachio and Anoixi, are hopelessly cocooned in webbing at the back of the drider's little cave, forced to watch as their friends are eaten and digested alive. They'll be kept aside for later, and they know it. They're going to share the same fate, it's only a matter of time...

Anoixi, the bunny-girl on the left isn't doing too well. Perhaps the drider bit her, and she's starting to feel her venom's effects? Or, is she getting off on the thought of eventually being swallowed whole? Hard to say. At least she's enjoying herself ❤ Sachio is cocooned next to her, and she's a tiny bit more worried about finally ending up like that!

Whatever these girls do, their nutritious bodies will either add some pudge to the drider's figure, or their remains will get to be one of the many strands of web that decorate the cave. Who knows, maybe the web they help produce will snag the next unsuspecting prey.

Always stay vigilant of driders! From the third difficulty-setting up, their attacks get way harder to predict~! 0w0;

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

This was drawn as a YCH (Your Character Here) project for my Patrons. It's a LONG overdue stream drawing, which I'm very happy to have finally finished up \^o^/

The drider and the wolfgirl are based on characters from the game "Echidna Wars DX". If you've never played it, I HIGHLY recommend it :o

Hope you like it! >3<

"Evil Elf" ©  totallyrandom
Anoixi ©  flame6742
Mona ©  elle

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Posted by TheVoreyeur 2 years ago Report

I recognized the Echidna Wars spooder just from the thumbnail pose smh
excellent work as always tho dood!


Posted by SiennaAthens 2 years ago Report

Ooooh, a lovely pred to draw!

Lots of great things posted today.


Posted by Callen 2 years ago Report

loving this very nice


Posted by Redpod 2 years ago Report


Makee a comic



Posted by Altimos 2 years ago Report



Posted by BloodKnight 2 years ago Report

should do more Echidna wars stuff. great game ;P


Posted by unknownHavock 2 years ago Report

Always love a good drider!


Posted by MisterEbony 2 years ago Report

...... ok I surrender... eat me.


Posted by FinniganFairyPants 2 years ago Report

I've always adored spider unbirthing. Gets my face beet red everytime q / / / v / / / q


Posted by hunter2045 2 years ago Report

Very nice.

I would like to see more like this.


Posted by headhunter732 2 years ago Report

I love you Scaylidood *hearteyes* *hugs and kisses and butt kisses* *squirms on way inside this sexy drider*


Posted by Dualgunner 2 years ago Report

This picture is so fucking hot >w< I love Sachiho, and I often watch Echidna Wars DX vids of her getting eaten <3

The arachne is depicted so well here too~ Maybe she should let one go in hopes they'll recruit more tasty girls to get caught later?


Posted by CapturePoint 2 years ago Report

Great stuff!


Posted by xxxlover 2 years ago Report

i wish to see them get impregnated instead. much hotter.


Posted by PrinnyDood 2 years ago Report

So naughty, so lovely. Great stuff! x3


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

No. I can't even. There are no words.