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Fun and Games 8 By DarkArtist -- Report

The coach figure he could get some tail before the night is over. Heading back over to see how things were going, Nights ice spell had disappeared to let him in, seeing as the team already was right where she wanted them.

She caught him just as he turned, his feet and hands frozen to the wall as she giggled at his shocked expression. The room had but one occupant, and all that was visible of the football players were the clothes on the floor. They had all been devoured by the bat woman they had picked up.

With a wicked grin and chuckle, she finally spoke, patting her engorged belly. "I was wondering when you'd come enjoy the party!" she said, "I would say the others would be happy to see you, but unfortunately, most have already more or less been digested."

Shock and horror took over the coach. Even as he found his clothes disappeared due to Nights dark powers, "It would be a shame if you not at least get your turn though." Still very naked from her experience, Night turned around, lowering her fat gut onto the floor as the mush and few remaining players struggle in futility as they are being utterly digested and turned into more fat on a already obese bat.

The coach couldn't help the boner he had, cock hard as Night began to insert it into her anus. It took a bit to get started, but once started, Night began to press back and forth, using her belly as a ballast for her movements. The men inside, already cramped, lost what little room they had as the stomach overtook them in flesh and juices. Night moaned with delight, between the prey inside, a full belly, and the cock in her ass as she pounded her big ass on the hips of the coach.

Who, no doubt knew, what was going to come next.

((End of Part 8))

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Posted by jak55 6 months ago Report

Starting a New Years off to a good start, Happy New Years everybody. ;)


Posted by MrQuarantine 6 months ago Report

All hail the almighty bat goddess. Gracious enough to even give you a turn before your demise. <3