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The Quarterly Sacrifice By Riraito -- Report

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Jayden sat cross legged, uncomfortably, on the course dirt floor of the village hall, his fists balled up so tightly that his scaled knuckles were white. His tail curled neatly up against his leg, as comfortably as he could manage.

He waited in perfect, practiced, silence in the cavernous wooden communal space. Five generations of his people had sat, eaten, feasted and celebrated in this hallowed space. It was also the penultimate destination of tributes like Jayden.

From the Chief's podium, a wizened old lizard stepped down with a rheumatic gait. Intelligent eyes studied Jayden from underneath the furrows of bushy white eyebrows.

“I-Is it time Grandfather?” he asked with a waver in his voice, as the village chief picked up his ceremonial smoking pipe and filled the pot with a loosely packed mixture of diviner’s sage.and hashish. Jayden sat still as a rock, awaiting a response from his elder that would never come.

The wrinkled lizard struck flint against the steel, letting the sparks grow into embers, and soon the pipe gently smoked as he inhaled from it.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” a deep rumbling chant bellowed from his throat. It was time for a story.

Jayden closed his eyes, and waited patiently for his grandfather to impart the wisdom of a story upon him. The stories told by the village elders were the way they imparted lessons. Things carried down through the ages from father to son. After what seemed like an eternity to Jayden, the old man began to speak in a pleasant rhythmic cadence

“In the age of my own great-grandfather, the evil Malunir descended upon our lands and made his home in the deepest parts of the river forest.. In the early days, he was not the powerful demon that we have come to serve, but a mere serpent. He swam and fished alongside our ancestors.

But, as he grew in size, he also grew in hunger, capable of consuming even the largest of predators on the river; the crocodiles.

In those days, our tribe of fishermen welcomed the great snake for his help in culling the ferals.. They shared their catches with him, and spoke with him as one would an old friend. Until one day, Malunir grew to such proportions that even his diet of crocodiles could not satisfy his tastes. He hungered for something different.”

The story paused as the village chief tapped out the ashes from his pipe, and looked sadly down at the long straw still clutched in Jayden’s clawed hand. He offered the pipe to his grandson, and Jayden solemnly raised it to his own lips and inhaled the strong mixture of aromatic smokes. His eyes widened as the apothecaries concoction relaxed his body quickly.

“Have I ever told you the story of the Hero Christian, and his betrothed Griselda? It is not a happy story, but it is an important one, especially today.

It begins with Grisilda, a beauty from the Otter tribe, whose very smile made Christian fall madly in love with her. They were to be wed soon after, a joining of the two tribes, who had long been at war with one another.

But Grisilda had also caught the eye of another, with more dishonest intentions. Malunir converted her body too, but not in the ways that Christian did. He abducted the maiden on the day before her wedding.

Christian raised an army of both Otters and Lizards to retrieve his wife to be.from the clutches of the dread snake Malunir. In the end though, their armies were defeated, and Grisilda and Christian were devoured together by the beast.

Malunir, enraged by the attempt to kill him, demanded tribute from our tribes. Weakend, and in no position to decline him, they agreed to provide a quarterly tribute of six otter, and six lizard youths to sate his appetite.

For many generations, our two villages have lived in the shadow of his gluttony, hoping that our meagre sacrifices continue to appease him.

To this very day, we still draw lots among the youth who’ve just come of age, to determine who will be offered as tribute to Malunir.”

When the chief had finished his story, Jayden was shivering all over. He could feel that his life was already over. Everything he had ever known seemed hazy, like a distant memory, something that happened to somebody else.

His path in life should have been assured. After the sacrifices, he would have gone back to making a living, fishing on the river, as his family had done for centuries. He would have found a suitable mate, married, and had a brood of his own, and one day when he was older, finally take the mantle of Village Chief for himself.

Jayden had felt relieved when the tributes had been chosen. When he’d drawn the regular sized piece of straw, his joy was palpable. It wasn’t seemly to be seen to be happy on the drawing of lots, so he masked his smile as quickly as it had crossed his face. Some of his close friends weren’t so lucky. The look of pure horror on Triss’ face as she’d pulled the long yellow strand would remain etched onto the back of his brain. Her family sobbed and hugged her tightly.

Jayden had wondered whether he was a horrible person for thinking that it was better that she had picked the long straw than him.

“No, No, No” came the cry of his other friend Tommy as he pulled a long straw. “I can’t be a sacrifice… I won’t”
The lizard boy spins around desperately, as if he sees enemies on all sides.
“I won’t I won’t I wont.. Oh gods “ he screams as he sprinted toward the choppy lake. Some of the village warriors tried to stop him before he disappeared beneath the frothy surface, but Tommy was younger and faster. He dodged deftly around the older lizards and dived into the raging brown waters with a tiny splash.

The atmosphere in the Village became frosty almost immediately. Everyone knew what it meant. Tommy had shirked his responsibilities as a lizardman.

There were always six sacrifices made by the lizards…. No matter what.

Someone would have to take Tommy’s place.. Lots would have to be redrawn.

Jayden could hardly speak, his mouth felt dry. Every instinct screamed at him to run now, to do what Tommy did, but he knew it was no use. His entire life he had been taught the nobility of the sacrifices. There was no alternative iif his kind was to keep existing at all. Someone had to fill up the empty slot in the batch of sacrifices, walk up to the Malunir and offer themselves to be eaten.

Which is how Jayden had ended up here in the Village Hall, clutching the long straw.

“Your sacrifice will be noted in the annals of our history along with all of the other great heroes Jayden. Young Tommy will suffer greatly for his treachery, when we finally catch up with him… but for now, there must be six tributes.” reassured his grandfather, his eyes moist and narrowed.

With shallow breaths Jayden shed his thin loincloth, gave one last, almost determined look at the chief’s face as the shrine priestesses began to anoint his body with the holy ceremonial oils, massaging them in carefully, and pleasurably.

Once the ceremony was over, Jayden’s grandfather finished the blessings.
“May the gods speed your passing, and embrace your sacrifice sweetly in the afterlife.”
He passed his scepter over Jayden’s shoulders, formally appointing him as a sacrifice to Malunir

“Go now, my grandson… do not bring shame on the sacrifices of your anscestors… greet your death with bravery.”

With the rituals completed, Jayden stood up tall, and walked out of the village hall. He marched down the length of the meadow, as the women and children came out to see him leave, a look of dread on all their faces, as everyone knew that the naked skink was about to complete their village’s tribute to Malunir.

When Jayden exited the village gates, he found a small brown female Otter waiting obediently for him. “So your tribe ended up finding a sixth tribute after all. I heard you had a runner?” She said, as she looked up at him. Her large sea green eyes held great compassion for the boy sharing her fate.

“Hello Penny” he said with a wavering voice. Penny had long been a friend of his. Their parents had often moored their fishing boats alongside each other when they were younger. Jayden had spent many long hours playing games with the cute Otter girl as he grew up.

Now, she’d grown into a pretty little thing, all soft downy fur and full breasts. Without her clothes on, she was quite the sight to behold. Jayden felt him hardening at the sight of her perfect furry body.

The two old friends walked side by side along the poorly trodden path to the snake’s tree, as they had been conditioned to do. Dappled light danced across their fearful faces, as they marched to their impending doom, as slowly as they were able to.

“W-what do you think …. he’s gonna be like? I heard that he’s enormous and terrifying.” Penny shivered beside the skink as she imagined what was going to happen to her..

“Yeah… I heard that too. My grandfather once told me the story of the warriors who stood up to him in the first generation. He said that Malunir took his time digesting them alive… that their screams could be heard all through the forest…. And that…. afterwards… He came slithering into the village nursery…. and he ate all of them. Every last one of their children joined them in his stomach. I don’t want that for my little brother, my sisters.” Jayden looked away from Penny guiltily. “So don’t you dare think of running away”

“It’s just … Malinur is so… brutal…. Evil…” she looked at her feet, treading through the disintegrating layer of detritus they were walking on. “M-my mother s-she spoke out against the tributes… t-tried to get the e-elders to stand u-up… and f-fight against him….. But he found out about it… somehow…” She sniffled, as she dredged up the memory.

“I was the o-ne who… the one who found her. She was in our hut…. And … I didn’t know it.. W-was her at first… Her face, it was mostly … gone….. Just blood and teeth….. And her guts they were .. e-everywhere……. And there was w-white stuff dripping out her ruined maidenhood and a-asshole… I… I couldn’t telll… where her holes were s-supposed tp be…. There was soo much blood and cum. It all looked like one big hole. Malunir raped m-my mother… and then he crushed her head between his coils.. J-just because s-she tried to stand up… to… to these… tributes.” she was livid now, tears streaming from her angry face as she looked up at the boy she knew so well.

“We have to be strong… Do what is expected of us. Our sacrifices will save the rest of our families. Don’t throw that away because you’re scared Penny. Jayden had a commanding tone, even though he was shit scared himself. “I’m sure that it will be quick and merciful. Our god demands it be so.”

Penny calmed herself, and put her hand in Jayden’s.for comfort. “I’m worried… what if you’re wrong. What if it hurts? I don’t want to be a sacrifice, Jayden. I don’t want to be food for that monster.”

Neither of the two victims knew what to expect as they entered the grove where Malunir’s nest lay. No-one who had ever entered his domain had ever returned from the trip. The pair, however, were the part of the chosen sacrifices. This was the last walk they would ever take.

Once they arrived the two froze and trembled in utter horror, as they saw just how accurate the al the terrible legends about this place were.
“Is that it, Is that where the demon lives? In that nightmare?”
“God… I think so.”

In front of them was a massive Oak tree, which made most others look as small as match sticks by comparison. It had been told that the snake’s waste had fertilized the grove over the centuries. Given the small ocean of discarded, acid pitted bones scattered around the roots of the massive tree, it seemed that the gruesome tales were true. They were staring back at hundreds of empty skulls which littered the ground, when a squelching noise drew their attention to the thick scaly tail draped around the tree trunk and over the mound of bones.

Close to the end of the snake’s body, a slit on his underside opened and the same, gross squishing sound occurred again, as a large, brown piece of waste was squeezed out of his pink cloaca. Clumps of bleached fur and matted claws adorning the firm log of shit as it passed from him, showing what the last two sacrifices had been transformed into. It was the gooey remains of their predecessors, who had met their fate in Malunir’s stomach, a day earlier.

“Oh god…. Are those O-otter bones in his shit? It must be F-fanny, she was the first to leave for the t-tribute. I think I’m gonna be sick”” wailed the shivering Otter, taking hold of Jayden’s hand as she hiccupped grossly. He wasn’t standing any firmer on his shaking legs than she was.

“At least it means that it was probably quick… if he digested them that quickly.” Mumbled Jayden and looked up, as the branches in the canopy shook and the snake’s massive head appeared, along with some of his body. A fresh wiggling bulge rolled down from his head to join the collection of wiggling distensions in his coils.
“Do not worry, my tasty little ones, I didn’t forget how to play with my food, I just needed them to melt fast so I could leave some room for dessert. You two will get the full treatment though. I think I’ll savour digesting you for days.” The snake’s amber eyes glared, almost glowing at the pathetic, trembling duo, and his hungry gaze fixed on the Penny first.

“Oh pretty Penny, you of all Otters, should know how much I adore my little Otter cocksleaves while I digest my first course. Your mother made such cute begging squeaks as I wrapped her around my own two cocks. She called your name out as her last action, you know… right before I popped her head off. Will you be as entertaining, I wonder?” He smiled, with a false, and maleficent grin.

“Y-you… you killed… my mother….Now… you w-want to .e-eat me, and r-rape me?” she cried, her eyes gravitating to his giant bifurcated penis, and realising it would never fit inside her tiny wet slit.

“Sadly, you took so long in arriving, that I wondered if you’d ever arrive, so I had to sate myself with a crocodile in the meantime. I’m all spent already... So, when you are screaming your little lungs out over the next few hours, I hope you take some small comfort that your pussy will be nice and tight, virginal and un-raped, when my acids melt it off your crotch.

That was an unmistakable cue for her to step forwards and give her body to the cruel serpent. Every fibre of her being told her to resist, but Jayden’s comforting words gave her the bravery to do what she knew she must; her duty.
“P-please, I’ll do anything, j-just make it quick.”

Once she did, Malunir lowered his head to her, completely ignoring the screaming and kicking happening in various spots along his long frame, while his long, forked tongue danced over the naked otter’s fur.

“No” came his chilling reply.

Once he firmly licked between her legs, the mammal could not hold back a little moan and the beast chuckled. “So warm and aroused? For me?, or were you about to get to know your fellow snack a lot more closely?” he mused, in a teasing way, looking past her, right into Jayden’s eyes. Malunir smirked when he recognised that the skink had never even had a clue that his beautiful little Otter childhood friend had been hopelessly in love with him.

“Don’t worry, my dear.” Hissed the snake. “I will devour you both head first, so he can get his tongue inside your exquisite little honeypot. At least, until I digest it out of his tasty face.” He was already drooling over her, still busy shitting out the first victims of this quarter’s feast. The two most recent prey were still busy entering his stuffed stomach, but all the same he was already hungering for more. They would just have to wait their turn inside the long chute of his gullet, until his stomach had reduced its current load to soup and bones, to make room for more prey.

Then he yawned, simply pushing his gaping jaws right over Penny’s scrunched up, crying face, engulfing half her body, where she stood. His snout ended right above her hips when it closed tight on her. Effortlessly the snake lifted his squirming meal off the ground, and instead of just swallowing her, used the forked tips of his tongue to spread the delicious lips of her sex.

It gave Jayden a close look at where he might have been able to bury his dick in, had they not both been assigned to become yet another skull on the pile: Yet another clump of reptile shit to fertilize the tree’s roots.

Malunir kept on teasing his meal’s dripping sex until her squirms were obviously no longer the result of survival instincts and panic, but instead the growing throes of one last orgasm. As she squirted inside his mouth, he pulled his tongue away and swallowed.

In a long slurping squelch, her hips went into his scaly maw, soon to be drenched by lukewarm saliva as the cold blooded predator consumed her whole and alive. She soon resumed her screaming fight against the monster’s greedy gullet, but it was simply hopeless. The amount of anthros he had devoured in his life was reaching well in the thousands by now, and even though he did make a good show of her, in a few days, he would forget she had even existed.

All Jayden saw of her, mere seconds later, were curling toes, and a twitching tail slipping past scaly lips to enter a merciless gullet. The snake seemed like an eating machine purpose built just to turn healthy young tribespeople into nothing but indistinguishable, reeking waste.

But even as another log of processed friends, and acquaintances, left the predator’s body, nothing could divert his attention away from Malunir’s amber eyes, and hungry maw moving with anticipation towards him.

The Skink wiggled and groaned, as his body was being wrapped up in the serpent’s muscular tongue. It squeezed, drooled over, and then lifted him towards those all consuming jaws. He weakly tried to push against the snake’s snout to keep himself from entering it.

The thought of becoming a village hero was completely wiped from his mind, and replaced with the primal fear of being eaten alive. The drool covered scales offered little grip, and so his arm slipped right inside, brushing over the pointy curved back teeth of his predator while the tongue continued to pull him up to be ingested.

As his head entered the snake’s maw, and his vision was entirely occupied with the beast’s greedily pulsating gullet, at the back of the drooling cavern he was about to enter, Jayden lost his control entirely and pissed himself in fear.

Since there was no clothing on him to soak it up, the yellow stream fell freely wherever it left his dangling cock. Some of it covered his legs, while some more of it splashed directly on the snake’s coils, dripping off him onto the bones below. However, if the urine spoiled his taste any, Malunir didn’t show it, greedily gorging himself on the young writhing skink.

Inside the snake’s gullet, Jayden had his snout forced between the otter’s legs by the force of Malunir’s peristalsis, just as the great snake had promised. Penny, in turn, was pressed into the rear of Triss, a still squirming female skink who was unable to slide past the feral crocodile occupying the sphincter to the snake’s stomach.

The feral creature was very much dead, with its face melted off and skull nearly hollowed out by the strong acids drooling down all over it, but the skeletonised snout was pressed right up against a veritable mountain of churned up, indistinguishable prey.

Only once the meat, currently keeping the snake stomach busy, was properly liquefied, would the last three living bulges be admitted into the deadly chamber. Until then, they were just screaming for mercy to no one, but the beast who derived great pleasure from their suffering.

They squirmed around as if they wanted to pleasure the beast with an internal massage and sobbed in despair every time they were moved closer to the stomach. On occasion, the snake would groan in delight as another former person reduced to crap left his body. The firm caress against his cloaca on the way out, made it known to the still living prey that their time was running out.

Hours passed, and despite the location of his face, Jayden had found no chance to enjoy himself with the otter. The only thing he definitely did notice eventually, was her body tensing up like a rock and the gush of urine being squirted over his head when Penny started to enter the stomach and her face started to peel off.
“Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It’s buuuuuurrrrnninnnnnngggg meeeeeeeee!!!!” she screams as fur falls off her face and her eyeballs begin to bleed..

Then something shifted around Jayden, as the snake’s body moved more than it had in the past few hours. Hearing the obvious screams of the first of his last two sacrifices entering his stomach, Malunir reduced his acid production and moved his coils in a narrow S, causing the already decomposing bodies in his stomach to crumble much faster, and allowing him to swallow the rest of Penny, and all of Jayden in one smooth gulp.
“Fuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk nnoooooooooooooo…” he wailed as he was pushed through the sphincter as well, and felt the fire wash over his scaly snout.

As soon as the two started to wiggle in the slightly looser stomach, a gust of reeking wind passed over their irritated skin, as Malunir made an effort to supply them with air. They would need it.

The snake had been completely honest when he had promised them a slow and agonizing death. Their bodies convulsed against each other, helping to tear off softening flesh from one another as the slow trickle of digestive fluids made sure their chemical deconstruction was slowly but surely continuing. Repeated belches and the swallowing of fresh air kept the two alive, and they were soon cursing their survival instincts for forcing them to inhale and keep living for that much longer, only to have those additional hours filled with nothing but agony as they were digested alive
“Iiiii’mmmmm meeeeeeeeltttiinnnngggggggg”
“Mooooooooooommmmmmyyyyy maaaaaakeeee ittttt staaaaahpppp”.

Jayden felt his the last of his scales being brushed off his burning body by the stomach’s relentless churning, as if it had been a speck of dust before the snake’s stomach, as it happily continued on his flesh. The utter darkness of the reptilian stomach also became rather irrelevant, as soon as his eyelids suffered a similar fate, exposing the delicate orbs they were supposed to protect.
“Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh UH!” he jerked around like a puppet being controlled by a mad pupeteer..

The pain of his melting eyes even made him forget about the digestive juices which had seeped under his foreskin, feeling as if someone was pouring molten iron directly into his skull.
Time was no longer measured by the rise and fall of the sun, only by the state of his body as digestion continued.

Penny’s arm fell off her with a wet plop, and her intestines exploded out her belly in a bloody mess.
“Heeeeeelllllppppppp meeeeeeee… Puuuuttttt iiiittt baaaaacccckkk iiiinin meeeeeee!!!!”
With a gread snap, her head falls off her shoulders into the pool of acid.
There’s a small frantic gurgling that quickly subsides as the Otter girl finally dies.

The slurping squelching sounds which had stricken him with fear during his stay in the snake’s gullet had eventually faller silent when the soupy acids poured down his ears and destroyed their delicate insides. Despite another surge of pain, the skink almost welcomed it by this point.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhh” he groaned slovenly.

The last sapient thought going through his brain, was the hope of it soon being liquefied as well. Then his mind simply shattered under the endless torture caused by the churning stomach, reducing him to just some spasming, roughly lizard shaped kind of meatloaf.

“Though not nearly as cuddly and fuckable as those furballs, I have to commend your people on their robustness. You lasted twice as long as your little friend” commended the snake with a satisfied chuckle, after Jayden’s body finally had succumbed to the greedy beast’s stomach.

It had taken him one and a half days to finally die inside the serpent’s belly, and now he was well on his way to mix and mingle with Penny’s remains, and journey through Malunir’s intestines, slowly becoming a thicker goopier brown mess as nutrients were absorbed and only garbage remained.

Unceremoniously, the compacted brown remnants of their flesh, decorated with cracked claws, pieces of eroded smaller bones and bleached otter fur left the snake’s body, like the legions before them.

With a damp thud, the two sacrifices were added to the pile of waste below the snake’s home, as just another log, before the snake retched, and covered his droppings with the acid pitted larger bones of twelve former tribespeople. Otters, skinks, crocodilians and the actual feral crocodile he had in between them, all mingled in one bile drenched pile of bones,

Penny and Jayden’s steaming skulls clattered to the top of the pile, side by side, growing the monument to Malunir’s hunger just that much higher, and keeping their families safe…. For just one more quarter..

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Posted by 157and493 3 years ago Report

You have started to draw non-human prey a lot lately, I have nothing against that, but I am wondering if there is a reason behind it.

Also, I think this is the longest story you have ever written, at least for a single picture.


Posted by Riraito 3 years ago Report

It's a commission. The same as the others I did. I got the work on the strength of the other non-human prey work I did. You're seeing an uptick in that kind of art from me, because people liked it enough to commission new works from me.

The story is co-written by me and Fischie, and is only 1/3rd as long as the longest story I've written solo for a single pic (The Beastmaster commission for Redstar 101 - which is offline at the moment)

and 1/5th as long as the work I co-wrote with Cobbly (8 girls, 8 fates, 1 closet) that was so long I had to break the story and pic up separately.

A good portion of it is Fischie's original story, that I did some rewrites on.

You can read more about the Snake Malunir here

He's got lots of stories and pictures of the egoistic snake.
He also likes to write stories on commission. He has quite the imagination, Fischie does.


Posted by Fischie 3 years ago Report

Thanks a lot, though you did make the story so much better by cutting out a good chunk of it anf then giving the prey more character than the sentient meatbags I had them at first.

But most of all you did an amazing and quick job on the drawing. I really love it to bits since it shows so nicely what this character has been written and roleplayed doing time and time again.


Posted by Riraito 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the compliments. It's always a pleasure when my commissioners are as happy with my work as you are.

I had a lot of fun with the drawing (Got to try out a few techniques I don't regularly use - especially the furr rendering), and the story edits were just thick hand whipped cream on the top of the proverbial cake.


Posted by Dragon808tr 3 years ago Report

This is your best work by far! I absolutely love sacrificial vore (first discovered in my childhood along side vore in the Jimmy Neutron movie), and this is the best vore sacrifice by far! The story is endulgent and nice and long, showing how much time and effort was put into it, a rarity. Also the digestion and scat was by far a highlight, and delightfully brutal! A talking pred was also nice to have, since i dont think there are many in the world of bones. The picture is also fantastically brutal, showing the process of digestion, and meat being melted from the bones!

The only other thing i can say, is that i hope to see more!


Posted by Riraito 3 years ago Report

I'm glad you enjoyed it Dragon808tt. I had a lot of fun drawing it too.


Posted by Dragon808tr 3 years ago Report

Thank you! I absolutely love your work!

Is human sacrifice like this really common in the WoB?


Posted by Riraito 3 years ago Report

Well, this is a commission, and not part of the WoB canon.
But, yes, human sacrifices are a very common occurance in the WoB. From the human cattle of the orphanage, to the dragon tributes, and the gourdplant feedings, to the ritual beheadings and cannibal feasts. Theres a lot of sacrificing going on


Posted by Dragon808tr 3 years ago Report

Sounds like a lot of fun! That dragon was pretty fun too! Is there some place where we could discuss more? Like a WoB discord or something?


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 3 years ago Report

This is probably best snake vore art i am ever seen. That went a zero words, almost =D


Posted by Riraito 3 years ago Report

I'm sure it can't be the best snake vore art you've ever seen. There are some pretty good examples of it out there.


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 3 years ago Report

I am know, but its best to me..