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Head-First Squirt By Scaylid00d -- Report

Snakes come in a wide array of sizes and colors, but virtually all have the same devastating potential for taking down, and swallowing up their prey...

Out on an afternoon hunt, a plump tribeswoman encounters a vivid Zebra Snake! For what it lacks in color, the snake makes up for in brilliant contrast. An obvious sign that it is especially dangerous. This serpent cares not for the formality of camouflaging its presence. It's an especially voracious hunter, and it fearlessly shows that off.

The chubby girl didn't heed the snake's confident display. This was the last mistake she would ever get to make~ ❤

In a blurry flash, the snake lunges straight at the girl's face, maw open, ready to receive her entire head. This understandably catches her off guard, and is enough to bring her down to the ground. A scuffle ensues. The tribeswoman thrashes and kicks in a vain effort to pry the snake's maw from her head. She can't get a grip upon its smooth scales. The snake effortlessly slides the slippery inside of its mouth down her neck.

Upon feeling the immense pressure bearing down on her shoulders, the tribeswoman begins to accept her fate. No matter how hard she squirms, or how hard she tries screaming, she can't win. She's finished. The loudest cry for help she can muster is a pitiful, muffled moan. Her mouth is covered by an agonizingly tight layer of flesh, reinforced by bone and scale. The girl relaxes her body in surrender. She begins to asphyxiate. Not even the tiniest gasp of air can make it to her mouth anymore.

Turns out, this is the best decision the tribeswoman could make in her dire circumstance. By resigning herself to her fate, she opens her body up to the flurry of new and unsettlingly exhilarating sensations inherent to being eaten.

The Zebra Snake's maw slides across her breasts, caressing her nipples as more and more of her body is swallowed. Now she's focused on the arousal brought on by her peril. Her nipples tingle, and her erogenous zones light up in electrified excitement. The girls breasts completely disappear into the snake, and in a sudden splash of mind-numbing ecstasy, she bursts forth in a shameless orgasm. It rocks her body so hard that she ejaculates!

This same orgasm continues to shoot up and down her spine, bouncing back and forth, to and fro, in every part of her body. Multiple, relentless climaxes pierce her every sense. There's no chance of even forming a coherent thought at this point. In this state of extreme arousal, her body will remain limp, practically paralyzed. Perfectly convenient for the snake, as it proceeds to swallow the rest of the girl's writhing body unhindered~

Soon, the tribeswoman will be reduced to a twitching, voluptuous bulge along the snake's body. Her digestion however is going to take weeks. This girl's once shapely form will fade into a smooth lump, little more than a messy wad of churning broth in the snake's gut. The girl's tribe may eventually come across her discarded slippers and spear. Beyond that, the snake will leave nothing of her supple, nutritious body.

...This same serpent has devoured many naïve, unsuspecting humans before, and this chubby tribeswoman certainly won't be the last~ ... ❤

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

I've actually come across an African Zebra Snake in the wild before! o3o; Of course, the one I found was smaller, but chances are its size wouldn't have stopped it from having its way with me D:

Drawn as a fun sequel of sorts to my previous upload, "Head-First Spurt". This was actually the initial idea and pose that inspired the previous drawing, but the previous one came first because it was easier to draw :p

If I had any say at the time, I'd choose to go into a snake head-first too. I imagine it would feel like you're deeper inside the snake, once you settle in its gut. Then again, feet-first would allow you chance to see your body get swallowed up. So many possibilities, all so much fun! (/ω\)

Hope you like it, and let me know what you think! ヽ(o♡o)/

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Posted by FaerieDevil 1 year ago Report

The snake is beautifully rendered! The way you make bulges so distinct while leaving just enough to the imagination is one of my favorite things about your art. The way this snake's patterns are stretched over those distinct bulges is just perfect! ^3^


Posted by Diira 1 year ago Report

No, stop making such good art! :D


Posted by Zaneisweird 1 year ago Report

I just love your art, been watching you for a while and every upload is a masterpiece! I love it!!


Posted by ABrinson27 1 year ago Report

Oh my so hot~


Posted by Eznam 1 year ago Report

That's a small snake for how big she is. Length wise, I mean. Despite how it looks when you see snakes eat big things, snakes are only roughly 50% stomach. They expand horizontally, not vertically


Posted by Kaede 1 year ago Report

I always love you doing snake vore. Hopefully one of these days we can do some more pics together again <3


Posted by Caidan 1 year ago Report

Beautiful! I would love to see some more of this tribeswoman and her kin-- both safely away from any predators, and being gulped down by hungry snakes, nagas, and other hungry beasties.

And who knows? Maybe there's a few rival groups who are hungry for someone supple, juicy and meaty… or maybe the tribe's going through a lean period or has an important ritual that requires a nice, tender, pleasantly hefty boi or girl...


Posted by VorishFoxie 1 year ago Report

This is just... Oh gosh <3 absolutely lovely! Your work is just so incredible, great job as always!


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago Report

Well, I think this one turned out fantastic. I love when a prey know when they are beat concedes to their fate, enjoying it for what it is.

Also Feet first is totally the better one IMO.