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Hydah's Snack
By Foxgut
Contains: F/M Unwilling Vore, Macro/Micro, Teasing Attempted Digestion, Full Tour, Scat/Disposal
Hydah panted as she made it up the last flight of stairs that lead to her apartment, sighing as she leaned against the railing. The curvy, slightly pudgy otter was absolutely exhausted after a long day on her feet, and that climb just claimed the last bit of energy she had. She stood and rested for a few seconds, until the breeze picked up and reminded her that she was still out in the cold. Shivering, she made her way down the hall towards her door.
Jeff was similarly exhausted and cold, though his climb up the stairs had been far more draining. The four inch tall mouse had plenty of practice working his way up steps that were each as tall as him, but it had still taken a good twenty minutes for him to scale his way up from the ground floor. He walked slowly along the ground, staring up and trying to find his friend's door, though making out the numbers was no easy feat from this angle. But finally he found what he thought was the correct number. He tilted his sore neck back down to double check the number he had scrawled down, before looking back up to the sign again... to instead see an otter girl towering over him.
The two shared a few awkward moments of eye contact between each other. Such encounters weren't *particularly* unusual in this city, and were usuaully uneventful. Jeff was about to ask if she could knock on the door for him, not seeming concerned as she kneeled down, until she suddenly scooped him up in her paw!
"Woah! It's *incredibly* rude to pick up a tiny without asking, ya know. Could you please put me... h-hey, HEY!" His eyes went wide as the otter opened her maw, and stuffed him inside! Her jaws snapped shut around the mouse, her tongue starting to lick over his tiny form as he flailed and shouted.
"Quit it! Spit me out right... no, NO!" The small morsel screamed, as the predator's tongue pushed him towards the back of the hot, humid maw. With one swift motion he was shoved past the tight throat, and trapped in Hydah's gullet.
The otter felt over the bulge in her throat, feeling the panicking micro as he struggled against the walls of her esophagus, while being dragged down towards her rumbling stomach. "Look, this isn't really about you... I had a *horrible* day, and I need a treat." She said in a dismissive tone, as though she was only causing a minor inconvenience by digesting him. Her fingers followed the bulge until it vanished into her chest. Looking around to make sure nobody saw her deed, she fished her keys out of her purse, and stepped into her apartment. She turned on the lights, letting out a contented sigh as she kicked the shoes off of her aching feetpaws. She rubbed her paw into her belly, feeling for the micro she had just consumed.
The mouse tried his hardest to slow or stop his descent, but he couldn't get any traction against the slick tunnel. He acked every time the gullet clamped down and squeezed him deeper, until he was finally pressed against a tight spincther. With one more contraction he was pushed through, falling for just a second before hitting the pool of gastric juices below! He sputtered and spat out the bitter liquid that got into his mouth, groaning as his already wet fur was drenched in acid.
"Get me out of here!" He demanded, as he scurried in the direction he thought the esophagus was. "I don't want to be digested!"
"Mm..." Hydah smiled as she felt the mouse moving around inside of her stomach, pressing her paw a bit harder into it as she walked into the bathroom. The mouse acked as he was squeezed even tighter, squirming between the wet walls as he tried to find a way out. She felt just a little bit bad for her prey, but absolutely relished the feeling of him struggling. "I'm afraid the things I eat usually get digested..."
"N-no!" The mouse shouted, twisting and turning as he tried to get somewhere - *anywhere* other than this dark, gurgling pit. "I'm not your lunch!"
"No, no, you're more my dinner at this hour I suppose..." She stopped pressing on her belly, letting her prey move around more freely in the enzyme filled pit. It had been a while since she ate a micro, and she adored how much fight this one seemed to have. She smiled as his fuzzy body moved around the inside of her belly, while she turned on the faucet in the bathtub. Stepping in and sighing happily as she felt the cool water against her feet while she settled in.
"G-get me out! You've gotta let me out, please!"
"Hey now, I'll let you out..." She paused for a moment. She knew it would be an incredibly cruel taunt, but she just couldn't resist the urge to say it.
"... all of my food gets pooped out eventually~"
She felt a twinge of guilt as the mouse let out an angry scream, but still chuckled as her prey shouted various obsentities at her. It was quiet enough for her to mostly tune out while she pressed into her belly again. She found she could interupt him for a moment by squeezing him, giggling as she pressed her gurgling gut on and off a few times. She felt her stomach slosh just a bit underneath her pelt as acid filled the chamber, preparing to digest her occupant.
She perked her ears as she heard the front door open. She quickly moved her hand off her belly, though didn't actually try to make herself decent, or shut the wide open bathroom door. "Hey, Hydah." The vixen said, turning to look behind her before shutting the door, seeming to not care that her roommate was nude.
"Hyia, Jasmine!" The otter said in what was an unusually perky tone for her.
"You didn't see anybody waiting at the door, did you? My friend is coming over. They should've gotten here a bit ago..."
"Nuh uh." Hydah responded as she shook her head, while she reached to unwrap a bath bomb.
"Are you sure?" She asked, sounding concerned as she opened the door again, looking to the ground. "He's a tiny, a mouse..."
The otter froze and gulped as she suddenly dropped the bath bomb into the water. She looked down to her belly, feeling over it for just a moment while her friend looked outside. "E-er, nope! Didn't see anybody like that!" She said with a soft, nervous chuckle. "You're sure he came here?"
"Yep, I'm pretty sure." Hydah gulped as Jasmine took out her phone to check her messages. She didn't see anything recent, and tried to call the mouse instead. "Straight to voice mail... I'm worried Hydah." She looked at her phone for another moment as she stood in the doorway. "Maybe something came up... and his phone is also out of power... But can you come out here and help me look, just in case?
"I uh..." She really didn't want to leave the water, and was almost tempted to just come out with the truth. But she was sure Jasmine would get mad and lecture her... Or maybe even make her cough up that micr. "Y-yeah, sure!" Hydah said with a nod, groaning just a bit as she stood up onto her tired feet. "I mean I'm sure he's just fine, but we can look around and stuff..." The micro continued to shout in her belly as she stepped out of the water and grabbed a towel. He heard at least one side of the conversation, and seemed to be shouting to try and get the fox's attention, though the flesh muffled the sound enough that nobody besides the predator could actually hear.
"You go on ahead, I'll be out in a minute!" The vixen nodded and walked out, shutting the door behind her. The otter groaned as she dried herself as best as she could, and threw on her old clothes. She debated coughing up the mouse and pretending to find him... But then he'd end up ratting her out. No, at this point she just had to feign ignorance long enough for him to digest, and then she'd be safe. She finished sliding her shirt on, and went to go step outside - shivering as the cool air she so despised bit into her damp fur.
"Jeff?" She heard the vixen calling out some ways away. Jasmine was carefully walking down the first flight of steps, checking between each of the concrete slabs for any sign of her friend. The otter followed behind, casually glancing around the floor as though she was looking, while she held her arms against her shivering body. "Jeff, are you here?" She reached the bottom of the first set of stairs, freezing as she felt a crunch under her shoe... Sighing with relief when she saw it was only a leaf.
"Are you sure he didn't just decide to stay home? It's pretty cold out." Hydah proposed as she followed behind the fox. "I don't think so..." Jasmine responded, checking her phone yet again. "No, he definetely would have sent me a message by now. I think something must have happened..." The otter gulped and felt her belly. She felt bad making her worry like this... The mouse was still scurrying, but had stopped fighting for the most part, either because he had run out of energy or the acids were starting to get to him. It probably wouldn't be too late to cough him up... But she'd never hear the end of it if she did.
Jasmine carefully inspected the next flight of stairs, stepped through the next hallway with her eyes glued to the floor, and down the next. Casi followed behind, keeping up the act even as the sun began to set and the temperature dropped lower. She felt bad that she was making her friend look like this, but was beginning to get more annoyed that she had to follow - lest she raise suspicion. Her teeth chattered as the cool breeze bit into her fur, as she followed the fox onto the ground level.
"Ooohh... there's no sign of him anywhere!" The vixen pouted, even more distressed than she had been before. "He might've gotten lost... or stepped on... or eaten!"
"Mm, yeah... it's pretty dangerous being a tiny, you know." Hydah responded, still holding her arms to her chest as she shivered. "If he's okay I'm sure he'll talk to you soon. If not... well, we can't do anything about it now." She started to turn towards the steps, wanting to return to their warm home.
"Uggh, I have a horrible feeling that it wasn't an accident." The vixen didn't follow her back to the steps, starting to sound angry as she looked out. "It's *horrible* how tiny people are treated... It's one thing to do something on accident, but some sick fucks just like to torture them for fun! What kind of a person would *do* that!?" She about shouted as the otter looked on.
"Erm... yeah, yeah that's right." Hydah replied with little enthusiasm, becoming more annoyed by the vixen's moral soapboxing while she was about ready to drop from the cold.
"The worst are the predators. The people that *eat* tinies! I mean honestly, who would do such a thing?"
"Beats me." The otter replied simply, trying to avoid looking annoyed as the vixen turned back to look at her.
"*Why* would they even do such a thing? What possible reason could those horrible people have for swallowing somebody alive!?"
"Maybe we're just hungry!" Hydah finally snapped back, before her eyes widened and she covered up her mouth as she realized what she just admitted to. The vixen glared at her with her mouth agape, her eyes wandering down to the otter's middle. She was frozen for a few seconds before she walked over, kneeling and beginning to quite forcefully feel around the otter's belly.
"Jeff! Jeff are you in there?" She called out, until she felt a small, solid lump in Hydah's gut. She couldn't hear any response, but she could feel it moving beneath her fingers. She looked back up to the otter's face with a scowl, while she smiled and chuckled nervously back to her.
"Come." She commanded as she stood back up, grabbing hold of the predator's wrist and leading her back up the flights of stairs. Hydah complied, following her back up and into the apartment.
"H-hey now, I wasn't gonna *digest* him or anything..."
"Yes, you were." The fox lead her into the bathroom, letting go and folding her arms.
"Eh heh... yeah, yeah I was..." She said with a nervous chuckle, that only made the vixen look even more angry.
"Puke him up. Now." She commanded, as she nodded over to the sink.
"Okay, okay..." The otter stepped infront of the sink. Making sure the drain was in place, before she opened her maw and stuck a finger into her throat. Beginning to retch and gag as she worked on getting that mouse out of her body. She felt her stomach begin to churn and contract... But stopped as she felt something move inside with a wet gurgle.
"Oh... I don't think I can get him out..."
"*Why?*" The fox demanded.
"I think..." The otter took her hand out of her maw and felt over her belly. "Yeah, my stomach feels empty now." She looked back to the vixen who seemed ready to scream. "N-not like that! I mean... I think he's in my intestines."
That wasn't as bad as being digested, but Jasmine still let out a loud, frusturated groan. She pushed Hydah aside, opening up the medicine cabinet and beginning to rifle through for some ingredients. She mixed a powder and some tablets into a cup, filling it with water before pushing it into the otter's hands.
"Drink." She commanded. Hydah nodded silently, holding the glass full of chalky-looking liquid and tablets up. "Now." She was about to question what was in it... But she saw the vixen was in no mood to deal with it. She held the concoction to her lips, beginning to gulp down the thick liquid. She finished it in a few seconds, gasping as it filled her belly.
"Erm... what was that?"
"Antacids, and a whole bottle of laxative." Jasmine replied, staring at her belly with folded arms.
"A whole *bottle*!? That was like five doses!"
"I know." The vixen replied. "If he has to come out that way, I at least want him to spend as little time in your bowels as possible." She said, stepping forward, and kneeling down to feel the otter's belly once again. Pressing in a bit as it gurgled wetly around the liquid, feeling again for the solid lump.
"I'm really sorry, Jeff... There's only one way to get you out, and you're not going to like it. But at least you shouldn't digest..." She could *just* hear a soft groan from the mouse inside. He already heard half the conversation, but that just confirmed what he was afraid of. The fox gently rubbed where he was, before standing back up. She stared at Hydah for a few seconds, getting ready to scold her some more. But she couldn't think of quite what she could say... She just sighed and shook her head, and left the bathroom. The otter stood by herself for a few seconds, as her stomach grumbled around those antacids and laxative.
"Well. I don't think I've ever pooped out an intact tiny. I guess it might be interesting." She poked her own belly, shuddering as she felt the fluid start to make its way down her intestines after the mouse. "Ugh, but *everything* is going to be coming out of there tomorrow..." With her friend gone and throughly pissed off, she decided to finally enjoy her bath. Stripping down once again, and stepping into the now only luke warm water. She thought about what she should have for dinner that night.
The mouse had used up all of his energy and will long before he was pushed down into the intestines. He obviously wasn't going to get anywhere without the predator's body allowing him. Down here he tried to squirm a little to speed up his trip, but found the tight fleshy tunnel kept him firmly in place. Inching him forward at the same grueling pace as any other food that got passed through. He shuddered as he again thought of how he would have to exit the otter. At least this way he wouldn't be digested. But he dreaded the thought of what it'd be like at the very end of the intestines. Already, he was beginning to pick up on an unpleasant odor...
The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Jasmine stayed in her room, unable to face her roommate, and Hydah soon all but completely forgot about the tiny she had eaten, save for the occasional tickle as he shifted in her bowels. She ate dinner and lounged around a bit, before she headed off to bed. Just before she went to sleep, she could feel, and hear her own digestive system beginning to rumble as those laxatives finally took effect.
The otter slept soundly despite the thunderous sounds erupting from her middle. The mouse was steadily pushed through her intestines, going quicker than food typically did, but still at an agonizingly slow pace for him. He didn't have any hope of being able to sleep, at best just disassociating as his trip through the bowels dragged on. He gagged and snapped back to reality as he was pushed into the predator's colon while she snored on. At least he realized this meant he was getting close to the end of his agonizing journey. He was eased along the final bends of the girl's digestive tract, along with the digested remains of everything else she had eaten around the same time as him. It was a bit hard to move in it all, not that it'd help him move any faster. He could only wait as he was dragged along, until...
*phffffrrrrt!* Hydah suddenly awoke as she let out a fart, and felt a soft urge to relieve herself.
"Neeeh..." She mumbled as she closed her eyes again, prepared to go back to sleep. But with all that laxative, her poor occupant wouldn't stay in her rectum for long. The pressure started to build very quickly. The otter tried to squeeze and hold it in, hoping it would subside, but it became obvious she was going to have to get up. Uggh... gotta go..." She said to herself as she sat up in bed. The shift made the pressure in her rear even worse, forcing her to get all the way up. "N-now!"
She rushed out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, causing a great deal of noise as she slammed the door behind her, and started to pull her pants off. After a few seconds of struggling with them she finally managed to get them all the way off, putting the toilet lid up, and plopping her butt on the seat. She sighed with relief... Only to hear the door open and let out a shriek!
"J-Jasmine, what the hell!" She shouted at the vixen, who looked stern as she held her arms folded to her chest as she stood in the doorway.
"Aren't you forgetting something?"
"What the hell are..." She stopped as she felt a tickle somewhere deep in her gut as that mouse moved around. "...oh. right." The otter groaned, clenching her tailhole as she got up off the toilet. She looked around for a moment, before opening the cabinet under the sink and pulling out a bucket. She put it on the ground, starting to squat before she looked up to see the fox still staring at her.
"Er... Do you mind?" The otter asked.
"Let him out. Now." The vixen commanded back.
"Why do you..." She trailed off as she felt her anus quivering. "Ugh, fine. Just, try not to be weird about it." Hydah slowly squatted, still clenching as she made her her rump was squarely over the bucket. When she was satisfied that her aim was good, she finally relaxed.
*fffrrrraaaaahhhp!* The otter blushed as a particularly loud fart slid out of her tailhole and echoed off the plastic below, as she felt over her own belly. No sooner did that rude sound stop did that ring of flesh begin to expand. She felt a tickle as something unusual began to slide through. The fox kneeled down uncomfortably close to her to watch, witnessing as the predator expelled what she had eaten the previous day. The mouse was quite badly soiled, but still clearly intact. He panted as his head hung out of the anus, finally having fresh air, and able to see the world he thought he might never see again! His chest slowly slid out of the bowels, though after that, the rest of him slid quickly. He yelped as he fell down, though thankfully the distance wasn't enough to cause any real damage as he landed with a wet clunk in the bucket. As soon as he was out and before Hydah had a chance to stand up straight, Jasmine shoved her out of the way and picked up the bucket.
"He's alive... Thank god." The vixen said before she glared back up at the otter. "Get out. Just... *get out* while I try to clean him up."
Hydah shrugged and walked out of the bathroom, heading back into her bedroom while the fox began to check over the tiny for any sign of injury while cleaning him up. She sat on her bed, rubbing her belly as she looked at the clock. It was probably too late for her to get much more sleep, so she thought about going out. She also reflected that the mouse felt kind of nice getting pooped out. She eyed the bottle of antacid on her bedside table, and wondered how more of them would feel...
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An exhausted otter just wants to relax and enjoy a micro snack that was waiting at her door. But her roommate isn't going to let her rest until they've found her friend.

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Posted by Scottglass 3 years ago Report

I’m really a fan of this piece~
Great job!


Posted by Foxgut 3 years ago Report

Thank you, I really appreciate it.


Posted by Scottglass 3 years ago Report

All your stuff is super awesome~


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I wish their was more of this type of stuff


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Posted by Foxgut 3 years ago Report

I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Posted by UnknownGamer21 3 years ago Report

I wish there were more stories like this, where the predator reluctantly let's the prey go due to them being friends with someone close to the predator or prey


Posted by Foxgut 3 years ago Report

It's a very fun scenario. I wonder if there's a particular tag for those kinds of things.


Posted by UnknownGamer21 3 years ago Report

Hopefully there is... But I don't know


Posted by zoroark720 3 years ago Report

hum well he got prey inme if she does not mind a size changer taking a endo tour