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Fubuki's Faction By BIGBIG -- Report

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Short thing
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The B-Class hero Fubuki had decided on taking a new tactic for "recruitment" of new heroes to her faction.
Rather than convince them to join her team, the giant woman instead devoured them, padding out her already curvaceous body.

Lifting a woman into the air with a casual wave of her hand, the gluttonous woman began to drool,
her stomach rumbling like some great beast powerfully enugh to shake around her car-sized breasts.
"Oooh, you look like a good one!" She told the panicked woman.

Fubuki smiled, her tongue sliding slowly over her lips. "I think I might add you to my 'faction' as well!"
Another flick of her wrist, and the girl began to float closer to the large woman's mouth.
"I think I have the perfect spot for you..."

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Posted by jak55 2 years ago Report

Damn boy. DAMN BOY!!!! She THICC! She SUPER THICC!!! XD


Posted by v1block 2 years ago Report

Oooh! Now that's awesome!


Posted by noisekeeper 2 years ago Report

Definitely love that type of scenario where the pred devours people under the guise of getting them to join their group/team/club/etc.


Posted by hax 2 years ago Report

Or works of fiction that already have some kind of fusion, so they're "becoming one" in a way that wasn't exactly expected~


Posted by Anon2727 2 years ago Report

Outstanding work! This has to get a part two, where she is even fatter and more powerful!


Posted by StormElla 2 years ago Report

Love the tit lift


Posted by Potatomaximus 2 years ago Report

Yo why is the image inverted?


Posted by BIGBIG 2 years ago Report

I liked it better but I was too far in to invert all the writings as well.


Posted by emikochan 2 years ago Report

One way to reach S class :D


Posted by DrakeHillside 2 years ago Report

Heheh, not the worst faction to become a part of. x3 Would gladly join ~ Or at least help her with her recruitment. B3


Posted by Berkut 2 years ago Report

OH NO... the Impreza STI