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Justice for a Demi-Human By SupremeToadLord -- Report

Judgement is well under way & after a heated debate, Princess Malty is sentenced to death & by the Queen’s orders, she requests the Shield Hero’s Sword, Raphtalia to deliver the execution. However, she leaves the details of it hazy, leaving the half-raccoon wondering what method would be used.

The details are made clear after Princess Melty is told to tag along, to help Raphtalia deliver justice to not just her own kind, but to the whole kingdom…


Alrighty, my first non-FE story, & what a lengthy piece this ended up being, clocking in at 9.3K words & landing as my 2nd longest story as of now. I’m eager to see what others think of my first stab at a story not based on Fire Emblem. I feel very pleased with this myself, but the answer lies in what you guys think, so please let me know!

If it wasn't clear, this is an alternate take on the main story for Episode 21. Despite the rather dark undertone of the first scene, I sprinkled in some fun from Filo in there. I certainly had a ton of fun writing this one, not just because Malty deserves everything she got both in the Anime & in this story, but just the characters in general are super fun to write, especially Filo & Raphtalia~! I believe I’m actually the first person to write a story with Raphtalia as the predator…

I have to ask how, like really.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it~!


& of course, the visual representation for the star of the show~:


& the other characters who appeared in this story~:





King Aultcray:

Queen Mirellia:

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Posted by Gunbot1333 5 months ago Report

This was nice. I only wish Filo also had a belly. I am sure Melty would have rubbed it for hours. Their needs to be vore art of Filo.


Posted by SupremeToadLord 5 months ago Report

Mmm, if I were to ever do an alternate vision of this, it could instead follow Filo & see how this all went her... Hmm, that's an idea to keep in mind~

& yes, she certainly needs more art, the anime needs more art & stories in general!


Posted by Tastypred 5 months ago Report

I was actually just about to comment that, a Filo version would be awesome. As you say the anime needs more art and stories, especially after that scene early on with the bandits.


Posted by SupremeToadLord 5 months ago Report

Speak of the devil, I was talking to a good friend about that specific scene not long ago. That's definitely another "what if she actually gobbled them up" type of deal which I'm surprised hasn't been done yet in art & literature form!


Posted by Khalcifieron 5 months ago Report

As someone who enjoys your work, but doesn't play FE I must say, more like this would be great!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 5 months ago Report

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I definitely ,have more planned, especially for Shield Hero so I hope t look forwardto it~ :]


Posted by OhSevenTen 5 months ago Report

I am officially hooked on your stories! I absolutely adore your writing style and very much look forward to your future works as this one was great.

(Also there definitely does need to be more Raphtalia pred stuff. She deserves it!)


Posted by SupremeToadLord 5 months ago Report

Thank you so much for the praise!

(This definitely won't be the omly time best raccoon girl gets pred action from me~)


Posted by OhSevenTen 5 months ago Report

(Ooooh, can't wait!)


Posted by TryMeIke 5 months ago Report

love this. is it to much to ask that you also do vore stuff for fate franchise?


Posted by SupremeToadLord 5 months ago Report

Hmm, there's certainly a chance I could write a piece for Fate sometime in the future. There's two characters in particular that I really like so who knows?


Posted by No-One 5 months ago Report

I admit, when Melty pushed her hand into Raph's mouth partway through, I was kind of hoping Melty would get swallowed as well on reflex.

There's a sad lack of Melty-prey vore around the internet, which astonishes me, given her name. You'd think someone would jump on the chance to make it "true."


Posted by SupremeToadLord 5 months ago Report

It was a thought, but I didn't want to see Melty go too by accident, so I just left it as a bit of a tease by Raphtalia almost taking her~

But yeah, there should be more Melty prey stuff - heck she has a blooming relationship with an omnivorous bird that has repeatedly threatened to eat people. Something with Filo & Melty is certainly something I do have in mind though...~


Posted by DragonCZ 3 months ago Report

Just two words..... Thank you!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 3 months ago Report

No need for thank yous, I'm just giving the world what it needs... but I'll graciously take the thank you anyway! So thank you~


Posted by Dlcsavage 1 month ago Report

When are you going to do your next rising of the shield hero story ?


Posted by SupremeToadLord 1 month ago Report

Possibly soon. I'm not sure exactly when, but if I had to take a guess, February might be the earliest. We'll see though, plans can easily change.