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Room for one more By soline -- Report

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Your stroll along the beach is equal parts enjoying the scenery and trying not to look like you're enjoying it too much. Whether it's a nude beach or not doesn't really change quite how many oiled, tanned, jiggling, swaying and eyecatching bodies are scattered all around and you might be a little surprised to see several people enjoying themselves more they're enjoying the sunshine. You make your way past a line of older women doing just that, hands more consistently obscured than any other body part.

Sneaking a sideways glance at them you gasp in shock.The woman at the end of the row has a full-sized pair of feet protruding from her ass as she casually chats away with the friend beside her! Even from several feet away you can hear the wet, muted squelching noises of her intestines kneading - and... yep, that's definitely a muffled cry for help you can hear now the women aren't talking over it - as she twists around on her stomach at the sound of your voice and grins mischievously.

She clenches lightly, a ripple running across the soft fat of her buttocks before reaching back to press a hand against those feet and slowly stuff them inside.

"There's room for one more..." she says, to giggles from her friends, as her cheeks smoothly engulf the wiggling toes and come together so innocently you could almost convince yourself you hadn't seen a thing...if it weren't for her bulging belly.


Inspired (about 90% of what I draw or write lately is inspired by something I've seen or read somewhere!) By This story I read years ago by  XXL (It's mostly shrinking/micro stuff but there's this scene and another great samesize one with a lifeguard in it!)

Honestly relatively happy with this one! There's plenty to improve on next time but overall I'm satisfied!

Though I was trying to go for a more 'MILF'y older woman look and think I failed quite badly in that regard so...just imagine her older than she looks? (Or don't, whatever floats you!)

Also: This picture is sponsored by ButtCawfee™, the phattest coffee around! (any rumours of forced rectal takeovers of other branded coffee is hearsay and false libel)

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago Report

Well it'd be rude to not take her up on that offer


Posted by Apostolos 6 months ago Report

Hmm those sound familiar? But don’t recall the stories much


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

Someone else found the story, I've linked it in the description now :)


Posted by BaseKing 6 months ago Report
Was it this story cause it sounds really familiar


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

That's the one! Thanks! And that was an impressively fast response! :O


Posted by BaseKing 6 months ago Report

I was a fan of their work haha and your description was really on point that it just jogged a hidden memory. Forgot to say great work on this. You've been killing it lately


Posted by Fiercefawx 6 months ago Report

That’s a very tempting offer there


Posted by Gabriel0813 6 months ago Report

very nice


Posted by onyxlion 6 months ago Report

oh, her ink makes that offer extra inviting~


Posted by deej1011 6 months ago Report

I'd gladly take her up on that offer :3


Posted by TimeToRun 6 months ago Report

This is one of my favorite AV positions, Pred laying on her belly. While the prey is getting pushed in. Love it, well done !


Posted by doomed 6 months ago Report

I didn’t even look at the link I just knew what story this was inspired by


Posted by Suneater 6 months ago Report

Very nice! Love how mischievous she is with implying she can fit one more victim in her ass/gut~
Nudist beach vore is pretty underused so it's great to see it well drawn like this! :>


Posted by moonlightshy 6 months ago Report

did you already get the life guard? ;)


Posted by Cryos 6 months ago Report

Im late as usual, but god damn, your art has been rapidly improving, and ive been loving all the ideas you've applied your skills to <3 cant wait to see more from you!