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Second Catch By Lampton -- Report

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A more unconventional method this time.

 TheVoreEngineer wrote another story bit for this one, the madman! This one was apparently short enough to not warrant a full upload, so I'm gonna put it here and hope I didn't accidentally fuck up the bbcode. Thank you once again, man!


Marnie could feel herself on edge as the wind howled across the moonlit sky. She had to be out here somewhere, Gloria couldn’t have just disappeared. Yet the trainer has done just that, days before setting out to explore the unexplored only to have vanished since. The Galarian plains scoured for hours, the trainer only had one last space to check, a small cliffside near the Hammerlocke hills. A peek across the jagged rock, and already she could see something worrying, a green hat that looked all too familiar. With her Rotom bike primed, the trainer had little trouble getting across the natural moat guarding the rocks.

Marnie was quick to stumble up the rocky outcropping as her head started to pound in pain. It was as she feared, Gloria’s clothes sprayed out across the ground with only her bag missing. Marnie was quick to toss aside her own, as with both hands, the trainer reached toward the clothing spread across the area, head now pounding in pain until suddenly, the ringing stopped. A loud crash, a rock colliding with the cliffside, caused Marney to jump back in fright. Before she could even process what was occurring, the light left her view leaving only the dull visage of something white and pink before her.

Without nary a second to respond, Marnie could feel soft strands pulling away at her clothing, only her legs free from the silky veil. Yet, every second more of Marnie’s attire found itself escaping her body, the untrapped limbs slowly being drawn in by additional strands. There was little chance to struggle, the hairs surrounding Marnie constricting just enough to avoid such meaningless acts. Her mini dress, choker, and jacket found themselves removed from her by the smooth strands, leaving her bare beyond undergarments. As most of her legs found themselves caught within the hairy cocoon, atop her head, Marnie could feel an even tighter sensation slowly creeping down. With a loud pop, the feeling consumed her entire face as her world became darker. Fluffy air replaced with unrelenting flesh softly pulling, beckoning her body to sink deeper.

There was nothing to do, bound perfectly by soft fibers and tight flesh, Marnie only able to wince and whine. Muffled moans echoed across Marnie’s ears, her shoulders compressed by the unrelenting body around her, the sensation she would feel for many minutes more. Each moment, more of the trainer’s body found itself squished into the warm moist depths. Over minutes her entire body enveloped by the heated sensations until all she could feel was flesh squeezing and kneading at her. There was nothing left to do but wait for Marnie knew plain and straightforward she was gone, despite her restrained motion, unwilling to go down without a fight.


The Hatterene gave a long sigh, tentacle slapping at the engorged belly before her, only a soft jiggle and muffled cries in response. She could feel her catch worming deeper inside her, the heft familiar yet different from before but just as satisfying nonetheless. As the belly enclosed within it’s flowing locks slowed its motions, the Hatterene could not help but indulge in the sensation of her stomach, sagging with meat. There was a real sense of content with humans, just enough meat to satisfy, just enough awareness to struggle, just enough stamina to melt with ease. Already, her prey’s motions were becoming more sluggish, less refined. It wouldn’t be long until all that remained was the Pokemon and the tunes of her prey melting within her.

The Hatterene started to shuffle toward the tall grass, ready to let her meal truly become hers, as a single thought pervaded the Pokemon’s mind. She’d have to lower her psychic field, for she couldn’t wait to see what delicious human roamed into her space next...

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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 4 months ago Report

yeeeea^^ more hatterene awsome^^ love the Detail on her lower Bodys hair and the cute facial expressions, great Job once again<3<3


Posted by thedark123star 4 months ago Report

always good seeing Marines spiked booted feet sticking out of pokemons example of a 'vibe check'


Posted by Azuris 4 months ago Report

Hatterene AV? Hot damn thats good.


Posted by Petz22 4 months ago Report

oh my GOD yes!
best way to end a friday.

and also: best way of getting a trainer outta (or into) your hair.

once again, awesome posts from you Lamp!


Posted by Lampton 4 months ago Report

thank you! :)


Posted by TrainerKatrine 4 months ago Report

You're a deity among men uwu


Posted by linthia 4 months ago Report

Didn't expect so much in a day... and looks like Marnie is better as butt food and Marnie is better going directly in the maw ~


Posted by Altimos 4 months ago Report

Pokemon ARE dangerous... noice <3


Posted by boomerangfish 4 months ago Report

Oh, that's great! I loved this sequence!


Posted by TheVoreEngineer 4 months ago Report

It wasn't broken which would have been much funnier!

Always a pleasure to give words, especially to such excellent art! You always do a great job Lampton!


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 4 months ago Report

Actual Pokemon vore from Lampton? Interesting... Quite the nice AV sequence, though I'm wondering where all those clothes in the final two panels came from...


Posted by NitroButter 4 months ago Report

Amazing!!! Incredible job on the artwork man!keep up the great work.


Posted by Lampton 4 months ago Report

thank you!


Posted by meuporg490 4 months ago Report

Hi Lampton, like TheVoreEngineer, I also like to write vore stories. Can I write a story for you? Or can I send you a story on a particular subject you like?


Posted by Lampton 4 months ago Report

if you really want to, feel free! :)


Posted by Thisandstuff 3 months ago Report

Love how you involve her hair.