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Noi in Hazbin hotel (NON X-ray) By BIGBIG -- Report

X-ray >

A long overdue commission for a friend. (Please note that commissions are closed)
an out of universe pairing
The picture is staring:
Noi from the manga Dorohedoro - Natalia inside her stomach (commissioners OC)
Charlie from the Hazbin Hotel pilot - Hex inside her stomach (commissioners OC)

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Posted by CharaRP 4 months ago Report

Im so happy someone finally made some Hazbin Hotel art. It's great.


Posted by Russ231 4 months ago Report

Love all your artwork


Posted by Gabriel0813 4 months ago Report

This one came out really well


Posted by Zagine 4 months ago Report

A very unexpected crossover that I didn't know I wanted.


Posted by TheLulzDK 4 months ago Report

This is so amazing!!!!


Posted by noisekeeper 4 months ago Report

Wow, never thought I'd see Dorohedoro vore haha.


Posted by F1reDem0n 4 months ago Report

Such amazing bellies and breasts. You spoil us Bigbig. :D


Posted by Bright 4 months ago Report

A very interesting crossover.


Posted by Lbobl 4 months ago Report

I'm just happy that I'm not one of ten people who has heard of dorohedoro.If you're wondering, it's a great manga.


Posted by AfraArt 4 months ago Report

I really love the size comparison between the two
One is prolly use to the whole eating people thing yet Charlie is doin' it for the first time!~
It is just so cute to me~
Grand work Big!


Posted by unknownHavock 4 months ago Report

This is amazing.


Posted by GonzaII1313 4 months ago Report

Love Charlie


Posted by DevHauer 4 months ago Report

Nice to see a great hybrid of muscle and fat here - not nearly as meany muscle preds as there should be! ;9