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Bad Pizza: Internal (mildly graphic) By soline -- Report

"Oh god. Oh god, oh god oh god, no." Julie half-sobbed to herself, clambering between the seats to the back of the car. All she'd done was deliver a pizza!

The blue-haired teen wasn't even sure what happened. She handed over the pizza like normal and returned to the car just fine, but as she fastened her seat-belt the dark skinned woman, face like thunder, seemingly materialized in front of the hood and bent down to grab the bumper. She hadn't even registered quite how much the car shifted at first, immediately panicked by Rosaline simply rocking the vehicle, and reacted on impulse, focusing on locking the doors and rolling up the windows, cringing inside at the squeak and slow ascent of protective glass, even as the woman's face re-appeared over the hood, distorted impossibly, inhumanly wide.

So impossible, in fact, it wasn't until Julie could see the backside of Rosaline's front teeth above the windshield and dark-pinkish flesh stretched snakelike around the entire front of the car, an even darker, dripping wet tunnel stretching away in front of her, that she realized she needed to get out of the car
NOW . By then it was too late to open the driver's door. The dumbstuck girl might have won the race to the rear doors, did win in fact, if she hadn't needed to wrestle back through to the front seat to unlock the doors again....By then the only light was streaming in through the rear windshield like a halo of hope.

That didn't last long enough either.

Now, Julie and the company car were undeniably inside a human stomach. She'd watched in abject horror as the seemingly endless tube of glistening pulsed and pushed the car deeper, further from daylight, before the rear of the car was deposited with a sickeningly wet,
thick schlrrrching noise into Rosaline's stomach, leaving Julie staring at a stretched wall of glistening, gently shifting muscle and a tiny sphincter no wider than her finger that only moments before had disgorged an entire car.

The first minute or two Julie spent glued to her phone, fumbling in her haste to grab it from her pocket and making a series of desperate calls, each time met with a dial tone or inability-to-connect voice. Even 999...or whatever of the numerous mis-dials she panic-dialed while struggling to hold back tears, didn't get through. She simply had no signal. With a choked scream of frustration she threw the useless device into the front of the car and turned to hammer on the window and scream at the top of her lungs for help even as a pessimistic voice at the back of her mind reminded her how useless that was, you could barely hear someone through a car window in the
best of circumstances...

Sitting back on her heels she took a shaky breath and tried to think through her options, only to notice the morbid view outside the car, a thick slurry of semi-digested mush and juices pressing in all around the vehicle, rising high enough to smear over the front windscreen, and studded with distinctly
less digested articles, a whole slice of pizza here, a glimpse of something Julie pretended wasn't clothing there and a....a human arm just barely barely visible, angled in a way that suggested it definitely wasn't the owner of the shoe poking out of the muck elsewhere.

A solid thwack mercifully snapped Julie's attention back to the rear-windscreen before she could completely break down, as a fist sized chunk of masticated food thudded into the glass.
"It that...
pizza?" as the glob oozed languidly down the glass her confusion rapidly morphed into disgusted realization that Rosaline was eating the pizza. All of which gave way to absolute terror and a painfully loud scream as everything abruptly plunged into total darkness as the interior light from shutting her door timed out.

Choked, sobbed gasps squeezed from her throat as Julie twisted and fumbled around in the darkness, hand slapping against cool glass and feeling blindly over the back of the driver seat to find her way back. The front tyres bursting didn't startle her so much as throw her bodily forwards as the front of the car sharply sank.

Wincing as she landed hard on the gear-stick, bruising her stomach, she groped blindly for her phone, fingers scratching over cardboard boxes before landing on the familiar shape balanced on the edge of the passenger seat.

Snatching it up she touched the screen and gave a desperate murmur of relief as light immediately flooded her eyes, illuminating her tear-streaked face, the car's interior, and the stack of six steaming pizza boxes on the passenger seat.


And the internal shot! Poor poor Julie! But I mean...can you really blame Rosaline? Who doesn't just eat the driver when they mess up your order?

I'm not terribly happy with this if I'm honest, but it's my first attempt at a bona-fide internal since that original Ros' picture four odd years back (Actually I think this is my first ever attempt at a 'digesty' stomach internal fully shaded.) so less 'disappointed' and more 'room to improve!'

I took a hefty amount of technical inspiration from one of my absolute, all time favourite human-pred and internals artists  Rac0r (particularly I hadn't added a 'juice pool' til I realized how much better it looks in his work). If you're at all interested in this kind of content I wholeheartedly suggest checking him out!

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Posted by KlinKitty 3 months ago Report

Ooooh, very neat! Hey, maybe if the replacement gets there in time, they'll be able to rescue poor Julie.

She probably shouldn't hold her breath, though :3


Posted by PervyLesbian02 3 months ago Report

Soooo... she's completely and utterly boned?


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago Report

Not usually a fan of this kind of stuff but the story really sold it for me


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 3 months ago Report

Judging by all the bodies in there, I dont think julie is getting out of this alive


Posted by moonlightshy 3 months ago Report



Posted by Hozomat 3 months ago Report

Eating a whole car sounds a bit silly to me, but it's nice to see Rosaline again ^^


Posted by Rat_Guy 3 months ago Report

that is a tiny car


Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

Is there going to be a post vore , conclusion to this . Because this is phenomenal, I wanna see her digest the car


Posted by Natolin 3 months ago Report

Wow! This is one of the best vore pieces of ice ever seen tbh!!!! The sheer amount of detail of all the little things in the belly really sealed the deal for me. Love it!!!


Posted by Siberian 2 months ago Report

Great! I hope she'll digest that car quickly