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Graduating as a Milf Wolf's Shit [OV] By wolfSnack -- Report

This is a major rework of an earlier archived story, now polished and even sexier than ever ;) If you liked the original (“You're Dessert for a Milf Wolf!”), please check this extended version out!

You are the pet of a wolf named Sarah, within a society where humans are prey to ravenous anthros known as "pellis". Your adoptive wolf mother June has taken you for a nice morning walk… but is she taking you to meet your owner, as she claims, or does she have something else in mind?

(*dun dun DUN!*)


Find more content from this setting here:

This is the another story taking place in MarkusFreeman320's Graduation interactive (accessible here), merged with vixingirl's Pellis setting.

It’s missing an "introduction" and starts in the middle of things, because it's the tail end of a much longer interactive sequence… and fittingly, by the end of the story, you will reach the tail end of June.

Sarah (wolf pelli), your owner. Somewhat aggrieved that her mom keeps drooling over you.
June (wolf pelli), your loving, hungry, and horny adoptive mother. Total milf wolf (milf wilf? molf wolf?).
Betty (bear pelli) and Evelyn (cougar pelli), your mother’s friends. Enough space in their bellies for a crowd, if any fans want to volunteer~

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Posted by Dragon808tr 1 year ago Report

Absolutely lovely! Nice that you made an extended version to your earlier stories! Hopefully Pellies cant het sick.


Posted by Yanaginagi 1 year ago Report

Casual vore and disposal is just amazing


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

It's one of my favorite things to write :3 check out my gallery if you like that sort of focus, because I write a *lot* of it.


Posted by 2b6826bdeleted 1 year ago Report

Lovely as always...I am curious about that war they mentioned..


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Betty, June, and Evelyn were all involved in a war when pellis emerged as the dominant species in America ;) we'll see some side stories from that era, I think. I know that  MarkusFreeman320 has drawn some art of pellis devouring humans in tanks and armored cars, maybe he'll be willing to post it...


Posted by vixingirl 1 year ago Report

sexy and wholesome, i dont know how you did it, but you did ;3


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

that's the goal!!