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Aptitude Test By Lampton -- Report

Uploaded: 6 months ago

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Eliza sequence from March-April. Can't say I'm completely happy with any aspect of this one, but it'll have to do. A good example of a piece that I only had time/energy to work on in very short bursts over a long period of time, resulting in subpar results.
Though I do kinda like how the linework contrasts with the painterly bits.

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Posted by joe354 6 months ago Report

not bad work with the sis, too bad for the guy though. should have done what the other guy then before lol.


Posted by JohnnyF102 6 months ago Report

I love it


Posted by Kronguss 6 months ago Report


That's a yes from me chief.


Posted by thehoomanity 6 months ago Report

Taking advantage of a pred like that has to be illegal! Or maybe not.
Great stuff.


Posted by Catvs 6 months ago Report

Really enjoyed the idea behind this comic. And great outlines and shading too.


Posted by Lampton 6 months ago Report



Posted by TheBastian 6 months ago Report

I am not an artist, so take it with a grain of salt. But from my perspective, it`s a stunning, wonderful comic, and your art here is on point and fantastic!


Posted by Lampton 6 months ago Report

Thank you, glad to hear it! I'm not counting it as bad either, it's just not what I wanted it to be.


Posted by TheGoldKeeper118 6 months ago Report

She cute


Posted by GassyBlossom31 6 months ago Report

"Hmmm, I might have to get into this organization. Should I be the pred or the prey I wonder? Eliza looks fun to be inside though."

Loving the art. Especially Eliza.


Posted by SerenaBlaze 6 months ago Report

Such a huge great dump of arts! Today is amazing ❤


Posted by Lampton 6 months ago Report

Thank you! :D


Posted by Birichino 6 months ago Report

That boss...
...definitely wanted that to happen.


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 6 months ago Report

I fucking love Eliza


Posted by DustInMiEye 6 months ago Report

Good to have you back :D so happy to see your name in the submissons inbox!


Posted by Lampton 6 months ago Report

I could say the same to you! :)


Posted by Liz 6 months ago Report

Office predators <3 Liz does enjoy doing something similar with her new staff. Teasing them and warning the predator if they fail they might end up being prey.


Posted by Goblingobler 6 months ago Report

Sounds like her boss is doing it on purpose. :3


Posted by SamanthaLovesVoring 6 months ago Report

The story is absolutely fantastic. Oh I do hope we get a part two :D


Posted by SherlokKiril 6 months ago Report

This idea seems fun I love how ber boss pets her belly after she swallowed him.


Posted by yoheiii 6 months ago Report

I love this story definitely, and hope to see the "two of them"!


Posted by RedBeard 6 months ago Report

I love her already, I hope ther'll be more of her soon


Posted by Belieli 6 months ago Report

I don't think I know of a physical test for office job, but I guess this is the best way to separate the food from the people who will be food later

Neutronium Ranger

Posted by Neutronium Ranger 6 months ago Report

I wanna see a continuation after a job fair <3


Posted by Gepfu 4 months ago Report

What a beautiful belly and big belch!


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 month ago Report

I hope there is going to be more of her I like this one


Posted by Calcularnumero 1 day ago Report

Wow, nice idea, i want to see more of this aptitude tests, please do more

Anyway, nice draw, and your art is amazing