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Seahorse Fpreg By GREGOLE -- Report

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For whatever reason, a friend wanted to see seahorse!Ryla.

Upon delivery, another coupla friends immediately asked to see her with a big pregnant belly.

Now, instead of making our heads explode trying to understand the logistics of a trans girl with shapeshifting powers getting pregnant while in the body of an animal whose males give birth, I'm just gonna drop some Ryla-lore that I did not expect to ever come up.

Ryla identifies as female, and therefore IS Female, regardless of what body she's wearing. But that body is, by its very nature, devoid of biological sex - in the sense that it can perform the reproductive functions of any sex, including that of creatures who reproduce asexually.

And also she might not even be pregnant. Maybe she just got that belly from sucking up a big squid. Seahorses are predators!

My friends are just a bunch of piscine perverts.

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Posted by mirrormind101 3 days ago Report

I think she is cute no matter what form she takes ^^

It's the sign of a great OC :)


Posted by KVCArts 3 days ago Report

Ngl, I love her even more <3
Thanks for the Lore and info!


Posted by Kiryu2012 3 days ago Report

No matter form Ryla takes, I always wanna cuddle with her lovely tum. <3


Posted by Bellyl0ver 3 days ago Report

You mean Ryla can reproduce like Zilla?!


Posted by GREGOLE 2 days ago Report

No! That'd be stupid!

She can reproduce like Hedorah.


Posted by Bellyl0ver 1 day ago Report

Now that I think about it, could she reproduce like symbiotes(ie a spawn that’s twice as strong as the parent symbiote)


Posted by Cowrie 3 days ago Report

Very nice! The lore is fun, too!


Posted by JustSomePrey 2 days ago Report

Actually it's false that Male seahorses give birth. Yes, they carry the eggs in a specialized pouch, but that's after the female lays the eggs in that pouch.


Posted by GREGOLE 2 days ago Report

They lug around big, swollen bellies, from which baby seahorses eventually emerge. That's giving birth in my book.


Posted by JustSomePrey 2 days ago Report

Yeah, but it's more akin to a Kangaroo's pouch than a womb.


Posted by GREGOLE 2 days ago Report

That is splitting hairs.


Posted by JustSomePrey 2 days ago Report

Not really. The father provides nothing more than a safe place for the eggs to grow. Essentially it's like saying the male emperor penguin gives birth to the hatchlings, when all he provides is heat to keep the egg warm.


Posted by GREGOLE 2 days ago Report

The male penguin doesn't keep the eggs inside his body, nor does he swell up from it.

The seahorse is keeping an unhatched, not-fully-developed offspring inside his body and swelling up, until they are ready to hatch and emerge. Far as I'm concerned, that is male pregnancy.

It's not the same as actually having the young begin development inside one's body, but that is, again, splitting hairs.


Posted by StuperMessedUp 2 days ago Report

"Seahorses are predators" is something I keep forgetting about until it gets brought up again...


Posted by Litanus 1 day ago Report

Well given Ryla’s biological nature she probably had to swallow something up to get that “pregnant” tummy


Posted by Dudebro2092 1 day ago Report

I like the idea it's a giant squid in there! XD