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Drawlloween 2020 - #10 Haunting...Lunar Base4 By Aesir -- Report

I wanted to draw sexy spacesuits, horny aliens, and some lewd vore. o 3o/ Aesirko sure gets around in space.

Raffle Winners (The Ghosts!)

Short Story by  Jermayan >

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Posted by Korokage 1 year ago Report

The ghosts are all looking like they're going "...the hell are you doing!?"

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Posted by Vermono 1 year ago Report

I'm not sure which version I like... this one or the alternate one. I really like the extra color in the alternate version because it makes it stand out much more BUT I prefer the ghosts being white in this one because the extra color muffles the lines a bit making it harder to see.
This version is a little bland color wise but the other has to much color. It's weird.

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Posted by calldahotline 1 year ago Report

I see this and recall all those space-age ghost stories I had heard on an old CD. Here, if anyone is interested in having a listen.

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Posted by mmcalpine1988 1 year ago Report

Whose the hot green alien chick?

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Posted by InvisibleHand 1 year ago Report

This is the first one of these that I watched get drawn live, and I have to say it makes me appreciate the work that goes into a piece like this even more. You're really freaking talented. Keep up the great work!

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Posted by Harleking31 1 year ago Report

Moon's haunted

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Posted by TheDog 1 year ago Report

Moon's not haunted. Aesirko and her stomach is haunted.

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Posted by biscuitman 1 year ago Report

Its all fun and games until the ghost figure out how to eat you.

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Posted by ErRynArya 1 year ago Report

Ha! Stupid birb got gurgled like usual

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Posted by RandomSpectator 11 months ago Report

Personally, I really like that you added the ghosts of Aesirko’s previous meals here.

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