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Spooky month 2020 By BIGBIG -- Report

Zuzana Knows what to do when I need to work on Safe For Work stuff...

What would your adventure be with Zuzana for spooky month?

Half of it is already behind us and I was only able make one piece for it and that was the one with Velma
Despite the fact that i love this season and all the spooky stuff around it unfortunately this year I have no time for it at all.
Hopefully Ill be able to pull of at least a few more pieces near the end of the month.

(F/FF, same size, weight gain, size difference and MORE)
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(F/FF, F/M, wholesome, cruel, unbirth and MORE)
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Posted by Firstfate 11 months ago Report

Welp, I guess it's time for everyone wanting to see the spooky stuff to start offering themselves up to Zuzana in order to actually "see" what you had prepared xD


Posted by JohnnyF102 11 months ago Report

Awesome everything u do bigbig ur work is always awesome


Posted by meepstercreepster 11 months ago Report

always draw what you want to dude, don't worry about us. i love your work man and there's tons of cool things i wanna see


Posted by MrQuarantine 11 months ago Report

Nice job, it's a shame you don't have time for more Voretober goodness...Guess this really is a downer year for everything.


Posted by Heimko 11 months ago Report

Hopefully my adventure would be with me being her friend, and maybe her protecting me from monsters, since i'm not very good at fighting.


Posted by Heimko 11 months ago Report

Hey, don't worry. Stuff like that happens sometimes. It's all good man, you did what you could, and that's fine! :D


Posted by Leika 11 months ago Report

Aww, poor BeegBog.


Posted by TheLibrarian 11 months ago Report

this is oddly adorable, though hopefully we get a sequel with BIGBIG actually painting a pumpkin on her gut though, would be cute I bet


Posted by Dunno987 11 months ago Report

Awww maaaan she took it all. I hate when that happens man sorry big at least you get a pumpkin at least


Posted by Demonking44 11 months ago Report

Can't leave Zuzana alone for five minutes... Hahaha.

What's next? She'll eat all the Christmas stuff... Oh god, not the cookies and milk!


Posted by ilikeafatass 11 months ago Report

Big man just wanted to do spooky stuff in the spooky month, I do believe that deserves an F.


Posted by plaguetyranno 11 months ago Report

Don't worry about it Bigbig~ We're just your minions at the end of the day, you're the boss with your own content.

I love your avatar's face, it reminds me of Lancer from Deltarune with the way the black parts can be interpreted as different features despite being ambiguous and flat.

An adventure with Zuzana, ahh... I'd like to see the spirits of the people she's eaten haunt her, as more of the spirits escape her, she get smaller and smaller and gets to experience what it's like to be a little prey woman among the preds....


Posted by plaguetyranno 11 months ago Report

Anyway, noone says you can't do spooky stuff after halloween. You can do it whenever you want >:)