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Eat the Rich By Drakeral -- Report

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A foolish young man from an affluent modern family takes the wrong shortcut and finds himself accosted by a hungry predator. Will this end well for him? (Hint: absolutely not).


A quick experiment in doing longer term digestion with a focus on what the prey feels just as much as what the predator feels. I feel like I learned something from this. Probably. At the very least I am far too proud of the title pun. I'm sure it's been done before, but it's for my story, so there! Clearly the best.

Mary is probably a one-off character. Maybe. I choose characters basically at random so who knows, honestly? I wanted a punk biker girl and I like sharks. Sadly, she doesn't get to ride a bike in this. Maybe next time, if there is a next time.

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Posted by threk 8 days ago Report

Ha, the bit where he's telling a mugger in a dark back alley that they're breaking the law.

"What do you mean you're being murdered?
That's illegal, people can't do that."

A joy to read, the extended sequence when he was still conscious and fighting after being swallowed was excellent, (always better when we get to see the prey lasting longer,) and a tall, bitchy punk biker sharkgirl just makes for a great pred. Great work!


Posted by Drakeral 6 days ago Report

"Being eaten? Just say no. You cannot legally be swallowed without your consent-" Gulp!

I'm happy to please! Shower scenes with vore are always fantastic, and I wanted to try my hand at the longer stuff- since I tend to have the prey be gurgled relatively soon after getting gulped. And I'm glad Mary made a good pred- I've always loved shark girls and tough girls, so putting the two together seemed a good idea xD


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 8 days ago Report

Capitalism: am I right?


Posted by Drakeral 6 days ago Report

It's a dog eat dog world out there! Or... is it shark eat dog here?


Posted by wolfSnack 8 days ago Report

The personalities here, and the digestion sequence, were great! I loved the wolf's acclimatization to his new position while in the shower... I'd love to see some implied (or explicit) disposal if you do this kind of thing again, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea ;)


Posted by Drakeral 6 days ago Report

I'm glad you liked it! I'm afraid I don't really like disposal, so I likely won't write it in the future. Thank you for the compliment, though! I'm glad people enjoyed the longer digestion on display.


Posted by Jinxopow 8 days ago Report



Posted by Drakeral 6 days ago Report

Thank you! I'm glad you ejoyed it.


Posted by sharky 6 days ago Report

Very Nice


Posted by Drakeral 4 days ago Report

Ey, thank you! I suppose a shark would like this one, huh? xD