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Suri - Page 28 By JakuArts -- Report


Inks, Colors, Story, and Characters  Jakuarts
Pencils and Story and Characters  SeekGr

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Posted by Xaxtern 7 months ago Report

Oh damn. I agree with you from before... I think this has to be one of my favorite pieces.


Posted by hungryguy1 7 months ago Report

Based on when the first comic was posted he should be done transforming by now lol


Posted by zince 7 months ago Report

Sure but to them its been only a few days.


Posted by BACKxDOORxPLEASE 7 months ago Report

I cant tell if he's just joking or jabbing at how it takes so long to get a new page.


Posted by Ultimate035 7 months ago Report

oh .. cool


Posted by lexile 7 months ago Report

Just wanted to say I've been following this comic and page for a long time. I know the theme is more on vore but I hope everyone comes out transformed and awesome looking. Just wanted to say that I look forward to each update and appreciate your effort.


Posted by doomed 7 months ago Report

Imagine she decides to kesp Suri forever lol


Posted by SwordkingX5 7 months ago Report

I doubt she will, but it would be hot for her to just keep her friend and their lover inside her forever.


Posted by Ultimate035 7 months ago Report

whether this is the end of the picture or the beginning of the opening: XD


Posted by EnderDracolich 7 months ago Report

Looking cute!


Posted by Junogray 7 months ago Report

Super fantastic, so much worth the wait, can't wait to find where this leads


Posted by Ultimate035 7 months ago Report

will there be another wet page on the next page .... hopefully healthy always friends ... cheer up


Posted by Ultimate035 7 months ago Report

and is this going to the end of the story? .. keep up the spirit of friends ... we are waiting for more info


Posted by SkyTheDragones 7 months ago Report

She gone.


Posted by Ultimate035 7 months ago Report

stay healthy ... and keep the spirit for the storyline ... the next picture we are waiting for


Posted by Ultimate035 7 months ago Report

I'm waiting for the next page!


Posted by philsmith4th 7 months ago Report

Wait Ara isn't eating Suri and Jake right. Like not fatally?


Posted by DarkPinkie 7 months ago Report

Down she goes. Like a sinking ship. xD


Posted by mirrormind101 7 months ago Report

10/10 as normal ^^


Posted by Rgt 7 months ago Report



Posted by drmighty 7 months ago Report

Now the internal fun starts <3


Posted by KasoTheArtist 7 months ago Report

Aaaand she's gone ;3


Posted by Unidentified17 7 months ago Report

This comic may take some time to come out but evertime a new page comes i aylway say its worth the wait.


Posted by dreamweevil 7 months ago Report

Agreed - worth the (agonizing!) wait. This is my favorite part of unbirth/vore: the slow closing up afterwards, and this page treated that scene with absolutely the right speed and level of detail. Excellent!


Posted by Aureste 7 months ago Report

Beautiful work !


Posted by Dracofirespiter 7 months ago Report

Since Suri is in Ara's stomach completely now and because of other comics with these characters from you and SeekGr has said that in this world you need to be careful with large naga/lamia even others up their own kind try to avoid becoming their snacks and some of your reactions to other people's comments about if she is going to get digested or not has been ominous I get the feeling that Suri might become a layer of fat on Ara's tail which I both want and don't want but great work as always keep it up and looking forward to the possible digesting


Posted by dreamweevil 7 months ago Report

Ara did make it clear that Suri is indeed entering her stomach, and that she "tastes" great.

Suri's done this completely willingly, and loves everything about what's happening. It's like she knows that, even if she's completely digested, everything's going to turn out okay and she's even going to enjoy it. Perhaps in lamia biology this act has some greater purpose.

At this point in the story I'd be thinking the same way, getting swallowed up into that big tail and completely at my friend's mercy: "I'm all yours."


Posted by Speciesunkn0wn 7 months ago Report

Ooooh....yes.... That is lovely~


Posted by DemonTwink 7 months ago Report

I really hope Suri doesnt become a meal to Ara it would be boring for it to just end there.


Posted by DemonTwink 7 months ago Report

A full tour would be nice tho


Posted by MistressMaw 7 months ago Report

Seconding the full tour


Posted by Remilia500 7 months ago Report

OK. Do not absorb her, and keep her in warmly. Love it!


Posted by Arkain 7 months ago Report

Damn, that is so hot. Suri so content and happy. I am sure Ara is fully enjoying this too. What an amazing job Jaku and SeekGr.


Posted by Lofis 7 months ago Report

I think this comic is a lovely series x3


Posted by totallyNotASuccubus 7 months ago Report

I can imagine what it would be like if Ara kept her there just long enough so that Suri would be done and ready to let Jay out too... Double Birthing Bonanza.


Posted by blepblepblep 7 months ago Report

Dual transformation? We shall see.


Posted by NeoticKaster 6 months ago Report

Still waiting on that next page


Posted by Xzcrief135 6 months ago Report

whether the next image is still long ...


Posted by EvanLandis 5 months ago Report

Pls tell me this isn't the end... Also no digestion. I get that Lamias eat this way, but that type of ending is over done.


Posted by Xzcrief135 4 months ago Report

Hello sir,


Posted by WellsDeep 3 months ago Report

We ever gonna find out what happens?


Posted by pjstrommen 3 months ago Report

When are you going to add the next page??


Posted by scar 2 months ago Report

Most likely soon since Seek is now back from training


Posted by Gibberish 2 months ago Report

Now that SeekGr is back will there be more? Or was this the finale? Cause I would love to see this continue. With Ara goofing off after words, maybe hangin out with Mia.


Posted by snowkid0011 1 month ago Report



Posted by Skolp 1 month ago Report

so well done, honestly that so great


Posted by Firenhooves 1 month ago Report

I absolutely adore how wet and squishy you drew this! Best Naga sequence I've ever seen.