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GAME OVER By Aesir -- Report

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A hold over from Final Fantasy month that I didn't finish before the month was over.

I don't remember this boss in the original game...???

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Posted by Vorelover23 9 months ago Report

Looks like the adventurers didn’t prepare enough. So long.

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Posted by MasterGryph 9 months ago Report

Actually, it looks like they're so overleveled that anything in the actual Final Fantasy 1 doesn't stand a chance.

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Posted by Soroxas77 7 months ago Report

They were gimped by not having a fighter.

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Posted by mawileluvergirl 9 months ago Report

She looks like she's trying to decide what to do with the princess. Fuck her, eat her, or maybe fuck her and THEN eat her

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Posted by dwarfhunter 9 months ago Report

The fool should of tried to recruit her to the party instead of fighting her. Oh well :P

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Posted by joeburp22181 9 months ago Report

Doesn't seem like anyone particularly cares its game over, they're more worried about not getting digestion, and one of them apparently is in utter bliss!

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Posted by Allard-Liao 9 months ago Report

It's not bliss. It's delirium caused by lack of air.

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Posted by Rhaegaldragon 9 months ago Report

Love this, with their HP and such :3

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Posted by VoidStarz 9 months ago Report

Goodness this one is amazing, always love health bars, the perspective of the whole party filling that Lamia, and that poor princess all bound up. She wouldn't last a moment in that stomach with such a low amount of health, though it seems like the lamia has other ideas.

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Posted by SerenaBlaze 8 months ago Report

Aelia Fantasy~ <3

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Posted by Houyo 5 months ago Report

Yes, let's go a full party of mages. What could go wrong?

Now before you correct me, Master is just a fist mage.

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Posted by ElysiaBale 5 months ago Report

I cast fist!

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