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shook her head as she stood up. “Ugh, what hit me?” Her
prosthetic arm came up to massage her skull as she racked her brain
for a memory of what happened. She had just gotten on board a ship
headed for Anima and was settling into her cabin when…“Her!”
Torchwick’s henchman, Neo had ambushed her. After that, things were
fuzzy until now.
her wits, Yang looked around. She was still in her cabin, but things
were different. Everything looked much larger. Seeing a nearby penn

months had passed since the defeat of Shao Kahn. Outworld and Edenia
had been unmerged, and Earthrealm was safe.
the Edenian royal palace, a young woman clad in a purple version of
the standard battle-wear of Edenian women stood in front of a closed
door, shifting from foot to foot nervously, a hand raised to knock on
the door but unable to travel the remaining distance.
she worked up the courage and rapped her knuckles twice against the
wood. From inside, the most beautiful voic

“Slasher, you may want to come and see this,” said Delilah, the weresnake.

The werewolf glared at her and growled, “Why?”

The serpent grinned. “A reporter is about to be devoured on live television.”

It was Slasher's turn to grin. He leaped toward the door, nearly bowling Delilah over in his haste. When he arrived in the “War Room,” as he had begun to call it, the central video screen showed the reporter talking to the camera:

Lejule slowly came to and immediately startled. He was in a cave that was quite volcanic in nature. He was alone, yet fully armed, and his clothes and weapons were piled beside him. Then a small flood of memories reminded him of why he was here. Some one with a very sick mind and calling himself simply “The Host” had called a dozen beasts, Lejule included, from various worlds and told them that they would be fighting each other in pairs until one was dead in the other's stomach. &ldq

An Old Warrior's Last Stand

The band of adventurers slept in their camp, ready to start the next day when it came. Well, with one exception. A grizzled half-elf fighter stood guard. As he knelt, watching and listening, he was glad that the night was lit by the full moon. While a human might have difficulty seeing any detail, the half-elf consider the moonlit scene as a human would consider the same area at noon.

He looked back over the group and checked that everyone was there. H

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