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Failed Audition By Badfurson -- Report

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Faint watery gurgles leaked into the calm atmosphere of the dark security office; formerly empty, only the soft ever-present hum of inefficient lighting warmed the stone walls. Now occupied-but almost certainly still void of life-the station's recent arrival announced her presence via the growing reverberation within the purple enclosure. Scanlines leapt from fuzzy television screens and caressed the pale blue fabric, highlighting the even lighter flesh stretching out the material. Even stood affront a wall of monitors, their joined effort only illuminated a fraction of their observer's form, immense tracts of land remaining stubbornly hidden in the dim shadows of the room.

The figure in question continued to lazily hover a short distance from the mountain of electronics, stifling a yawn that ensconced into a belch that went beyond her ability to conceal; the objects that clattered to the floor were previously forgotten remnants of yet another summoning. Previously, these facilities had been home to a large variety of monsters and cursed objects-while the latter still remained true, the former had been somewhat... reduced, in the wake of a certain ghost's semi-recent corporeality. Having possessed a number of under-performing specimens, as well as an unfathomable newfound appetite, Spooky had seen fit to solve both problems with her usual efficacy. Somewhat overzealous in her performance reviews, the pseudo-ghost found herself understaffed; while the most recent attempts in rectifying this issue were undergoing testing, she mulled over the idea of summoning a few additional subjects from across the multiverse.

Settling for just one-as she was already dwarfed by the bulk of her titanic midsection-another prospective employee was summoned to her office. A widening of her stomach signaled to all as to how well the interview had gone; the monster had SEEMED interesting enough, but lacked completely the proper skills and mindset for the job-as soon as she had laid eyes upon it, she knew that it was doomed to her digestive tract.

With lunch out of the way, the blue spirit returned to the usual task of viewing the progress of any intrepid explorer that managed to last more than a few rooms-and to gauge the effectiveness of the recent additions to her mansion, lest she condemn them to the ever-growing confines of her waistline.

A bit of an intermediary segment in this comic's running; there's a bunch of stuff that's been delayed, and I'll be looking to get the main part of it out somewhat soon-ish(?) For now though, you can enjoy Spooky getting just a little fatter, having not even bothered with giving Ikko a chance to exhibit any usefulness.

Done up by  DirtyMac! Go check out the rest of their works~

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Posted by somethingsomething2077 1 month ago Report

Still not finished with this game, the remaster is more scarier as well


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

It's good, you should finish it! I liked a few of the sprites more than the 3D models, just because I think the models are a bit rough around the edges-Spooky's in particular-but the game is a fairly big improvement overall.


Posted by somethingsomething2077 1 month ago Report

Believe me i want to try, but it's spooky for me


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

maybe if she stopped killing every bad applicant shed get good ones willing to audition XD


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

She’s kinda just plucking them out of the ether, really.