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Multiversal Feast - Arc 1 Page 30 By Malezor -- Report

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Trunks has a....different type of problem it looks like. xD

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Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 1 month ago Report

The best kind of problem.


Posted by Andriod18 1 month ago Report

I love your comics
my imagination a good dessert
for trunks and goten
A) Samui x Mei
B) Anko x Ino


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 month ago Report

These kids are pretty savage lol. Eating random chicks just cuz.


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

rip best girl... and trash


Posted by MrRabbit 1 month ago Report

Question are these beautiful babes going to be digested? I honestly hope they're not digested


Posted by SirVile67 1 month ago Report

That's what the end result usually is unless stated otherwise. lol


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

They are beginners. I wouldn’t be surprised if they accidentally vomit. Sakura could apply the right amount of pressure in her thrashing to get goten sick, and All hinata has to do is hit a nerve cluster somewhere to either open the sphincter to escape, cause major heartburn, or cause the stomach to squeeze her out in reverse- though that particular application could backfire and trap her instead if she’s not careful. Remember, no matter how awesome they are, they are just starting to get into this world of vore. They won’t be perfect. I would be very surprised if they get beginners luck and they keep their meals.


Posted by Flame14 1 month ago Report

Unless Tsunade steps in to prevent their escape for some reason. Kind of hope not.


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

Would she be soo dismissive at losing two prospective medics of her world? I’d think she’d either not step in as conflict arose between two students, or chase away the two half-saiyans with a lie that they are unnatural with their vore power. Remember, if they learned what Tsunade is capable of after this stunt, they might not be as trusting of her unless she can convince them she doesn’t have that power. Considering this is All Malezor’s storyline, I will just be a wait and watch, as it could honestly go either way.


Posted by DeathStar66 1 month ago Report

Please continue with this ^^


Posted by Shadow0000 1 month ago Report

Please don't digest them...I don't see how Tsunade would allow it. Also, big Hinata fan. Part of me wish it was the other way.


Posted by MrRabbit 1 month ago Report

Same here,big fan of hinata!


Posted by MrRabbit 1 month ago Report

Im a hinata fan aswell , pray this is not a digestion comic!


Posted by Dhman 1 month ago Report

Im a big hinata/sakura fan too.All waifus here are my favs but...They will get killed aka digested


Posted by Jumbochamploon 1 month ago Report

Um... Hinata should definitely be able to kill Goten or Trunks in one attack, right?
I mean, I'm no expert on Naruto, but I do know that Hinata knows abilities that can bypass skin and attack organs directly... not to mention she knows pressure point combat and her powers should've let her in on Trunks's location, since it allows her to see literally all directions minus one in the back of her head...
Ah, but I forget. This is a vore porn comic. Logic doesn't apply to these XD


Posted by Luxio512 1 month ago Report

That is true, but it's also true that Dragon Ball characters are just insane I mean, King Piccolo could chill while nuking entire cities.


Posted by Hereforvore 1 month ago Report

Dragonball is on a whole other level. These kids have power that dwarfs planet busters when they were like 7, and with speed that basically breaks the laws of physics it doesn't matter if you can see behind you if you can't react fast enough


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

Plus, they jumped the girls. Sakura and hinata thought they were dealing with kids, not predators. Until now, they had no reason to be wary. Plus from the looks of it, they definitely attacked in a direction that fits the byakugan blindspot.


Posted by VoreChing 1 month ago Report

Sakura and Hinata prey in the same sequence…Take my money…


Posted by Luxio512 1 month ago Report

Beautiful women were made to leave men well fed, after all.


Posted by Dhman 1 month ago Report



Posted by Apostolos 1 month ago Report

I’ve got the sneaky suspicion they attacked the wrong targets this time... especially considering what seems to be the time frame in naruto here


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

Beginners folly. They might have bitten off more than they can chew.


Posted by DrakeHillside 1 month ago Report

Heh, sure looks like it ~x3


Posted by Undue 1 month ago Report

mmmm so tasty looking! Squeeze those boobies!


Posted by NewRebellion 1 month ago Report

Man, I HOPE the girls turn the tables on tbem!! Get 'em, Hinata! Sakura!


Posted by Shadow0000 1 month ago Report

I hope so too.


Posted by Twinswordz21 1 month ago Report

Take that Hinata ????


Posted by Tebomas 3 weeks ago Report

This is going great! <3