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The Hungry Seiyuu Club - Learning the Ropes By noisekeeper -- Report

Massive belly quaking, Rie Takahashi lays immobile underneath the titanic mound of her writhing gut, full of digesting convention attendees tricked into entering the lion's den of ravenous seiyuus. Still unused to be so tremendously distended, Rie can only tortured belch out the remaining air inside her cramped stomach, hardly able to listen to the praise Kikuko Inoue, who is rapidly churning away her own catch, the remains of the people she devoured shifting their way through her bloating intestinal tract. As painfully gorged as Rie is, she knows she is already hooked onto taking these trips to binge on the American locals, and as the mountain of sloshing bodies wobble within her gut, she can feel herself looking forward to the next vacation she'll eagerly take...


A commission drawn by the absolutely talented  Kainan based on the Hungry Seiyuu Club series of stories I've been writing. They did a great job on this picture, and I was floored away by how it turned out!

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Posted by datididsan 1 month ago Report

Ooohh... Ohfuck. This is one of the most unexpected things I've seen in this site. I mean, ngl I like it, mainly because Kainan is one of my favorite vore artists but also because of the... Uniqueness of this.


Posted by Flipnotefan96 1 month ago Report

Amazing stuff. If I’m honest I really do want to see more of this series. Both in general with tales of seiyuu gluttony, and also more informative things like the details of the population crisis mentioned in the podcast one. What does the average day look like for most Americans in this new world of VA gluttony? How are the so many people being convinced to go to these disguised death traps of gastrointestinal design? Will the population of the US reach a critical point of no return, and if so, will these angel-voiced demons of hunger look elsewhere to sate the demands of their greedy guts? Will there come a time when the charade is discarded and the common man hunted down till every last man and woman on earth have been made a meal of? I just really REALLY like this and want to know.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 1 month ago Report

4Chan apparently really hated this piece, but I think it's quite good. I love the mass vore and the bulges, it's great!


Posted by phex 1 month ago Report

There's always at least one anon who hates anything on 4chan, to be fair


Posted by FuzzyTaco 1 month ago Report



Posted by Kainan 1 month ago Report

To be fair, it might not have been in compliance with thread/board rules hence the deletion


Posted by FuzzyTaco 1 month ago Report

It was just the general fem-pred board with the scat blocked off, so should have been fine (edit)


Posted by Ananta 1 month ago Report

Inoue about to be as T H I C C as her FGO character Scheherazade


Posted by Mythrodin 1 month ago Report

Oh my... Would love to see the other girls after their feast heh especially the black hole Aoi


Posted by Sycamore 1 month ago Report

Ooh, goddamn, I sure do love a nice look at bone/meat filled intestines~ Makes it even more fun to know that's what those other girls are gonna be, soon~


Posted by carlj 1 month ago Report

Dayum, that internal though ^^


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 month ago Report

Wow! Especially like the post vore of Kikuko here~! <3


Posted by Makoto1313 1 month ago Report

Never in my life have i expected to be able to see vore involving my favorite seiyuu Rieri, im speechless.