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naga problems... By lewdlemage -- Report

Uploaded: 9 months ago

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can anyone relate???! animation of a patron's OC, a naga named rida!

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 9 months ago Report

Good Lord this is so fucking incredible


Posted by Slimeman64 9 months ago Report

When lunch doesn't want to stay down.


Posted by Thingamajig 9 months ago Report

This would be a lamia rather than a naga cause a naga would be the other way around. Humanlike body with snake upper part.
But that aside, great job!


Posted by Dragonjaj 9 months ago Report

karbo has called his snake girls naga for years Lamia is only been use for the past 6 years or so


Posted by Ediblestranger 9 months ago Report

Not to be "that guy" but naga and lamia have been used interchangeably (and incorrectly so) for decades. Lamia is the half snake Greek goddess(and typically her children may be called this as well) and Naga are a type of snake spirit/creature that may shapeshift, have a hybrid form, or be purely serpentine in Hindu and Buddhist traditions it's been like this for thousands of years.

Karbo's "naga" are naga specifically because that is what they've decided to call them, but the term Lamia being used (specifically for half-snake half-human entities) goes back farther than 6 years.

Old D&D editions even made a distinction, labeling a "naga" as a creature that has a human head on a snake body.

Commonly Lamia are also portrayed as purely female whereas Naga can be both male as well.

Overally, if someone calls their snake-creature a Naga or Lamia it's what they called it. But if someone wants to use the names interchangeably, in this day and age people would understand the general concept. Even if both concepts have been muddled by popular (and fetish) media.


Posted by GooeyEP 3 months ago Report

Snek girl


Posted by ToonTownLoony 9 months ago Report

The advantage of having two stomachs, if food tries to escape one, the other can help keep them in


Posted by Crazycat15 9 months ago Report

very nice <3

The K

Posted by The K 9 months ago Report

Amazing animation! I love it.


Posted by GnomeishDelight 9 months ago Report

I love prey that moves around inside the pred, this is excellent!

no one

Posted by no one 9 months ago Report

More of her please.


Posted by carlj 9 months ago Report

Love your animations, but i think this one is my favorite ^^


Posted by UnreliableKnight 9 months ago Report

She's a cutie.


Posted by ClarAya 9 months ago Report

Gotta give em credit for the sheer strength to get back up to her human belly


Posted by Spider8Fiend 9 months ago Report

Hehehe, what a lovely idea. I can only imagine how frustrating this would be for nagas and other preds with multiple stomachs!


Posted by Moxxieasslover 9 months ago Report

Up and down.... up and down xD


Posted by Aesir 9 months ago Report

This is an idea I've wanted to play around with, myself, more than once. Great work, worm! :D


Posted by Wyvern14 9 months ago Report

Okay, by far my new favorite vore animation!!


Posted by Anyathefutaknight 9 months ago Report

Is it bad id fuck it?


Posted by boomerangfish 9 months ago Report

This is so PERFECT


Posted by SerenaBlaze 9 months ago Report

Love the animation and snek~! <3


Posted by YourlocalWendigo 6 months ago Report

One of the all time great animations. Very aptly shows the centaurid naga gut extending into the tail.


Posted by Aril_Lisidmuthir 2 months ago Report

Hmm... my snek girl can't relate to that... she's only got the one snek stomach in her tail... the rest is all throat.
But she can empathise with someone trying to crawl their way back out :D


Posted by YGCREEPER1 1 month ago Report

The only “problem “ is that she didn’t eat me too