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POV vore - prison escape By Strega -- Report

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A desperate vixen gets help in her escape attempt from a friendly skunkette. For a given value of "help".


This is based on an old three page strip by Gimlet: in which a vixen "helps" another vixen escape from her cell. I did a personal edit of it to turn the predatory one into a skunkette and a while back I turned it into a POV vore story while keeping all the original dialogue. I'd forgotten I had it until I couple of days ago.

I would have consulted Gimlet consulted for permission to post this version of their comic, but I forgot he was the artist and couldn’t find the comic when I went to post it. Someone found it and I sent a PM asking for belated permission.

Neither character in this story is named and could be anyone. Sandra the skunkette would love to pull this trick on someone, to name just one skunkette.

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Posted by alockwood1 8 days ago Report

Always interesting work.


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 8 days ago Report

To be fair she did end up escaping prison


Posted by Strega 8 days ago Report

"That's another one who escaped into the sewer system. That's two this month!"


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 8 days ago Report

They ought to start investigating how they keep slipping through... I'd start with a pipe snake personally


Posted by Strega 8 days ago Report

"Escape routes should never involve a sphincter."


Posted by nc 8 days ago Report

....Sandra...! <3 <3 <3 <3

God, I am so happy I will never cross her path. She'd be my downfall.


Posted by Strega 7 days ago Report

Sadly she would have trouble arranging a trick like this, unless the "guard" she was distracting was her husband Striper. I guess she might seemingly take pity on one of their short-lived captives and try to set up something like this. 83


Posted by Mechdragon1k 7 days ago Report

It might turn a bit dramatic if it turned out the Fox was wrongfully convicted and people start asking where the fox is,


Posted by Strega 6 days ago Report

This is always the problem with death penalties, especially ones that happen soon after conviction. In fact I started work on a Bart the badger story a while back that involves him being assigned to eat someone and then hours later it turns out the perp was a minor noble whose higher ranked dad is very unhappy about the whole thing. Whether or not the execution involves a burp things can get awkward in that sort of situation. 83


Posted by Bright 7 days ago Report

Good story.
I remember this comic from way back.


Posted by Strega 6 days ago Report

It has always been a favorite of mine. Hopefully Gimlet still hangs out here and will approve the story when he sees it.