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End in a Kudu By FidchellVore -- Report

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In this timeline, the lioness Nefirti is under strict orders to kill the one responsible for the Sehkmet princess' death. Seeing that the kudu Faari might have some familiarity with her, she hatches a twisted scheme that lands Mika in the kudu's stomach. When she is digested enough to become a thick slurry sloshing about in Faari's belly, Nefirti releases the kudu, satisifed with her effort. Faari wishes Mika a safe journey in the Godplains once again, where she will hopefully be reformed once again by the Godkin Java.

Faari belongs to me.

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Posted by Badfurson 3 months ago Report

Loving all these pics of Mika getting melted~

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago Report

I always do love cutie antelope girls churning up preds!

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Posted by Apostolos 3 months ago Report

I hope this means the main timeline is still being worked on

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Posted by WollyGoffy 3 months ago Report

Idk how much it has progresses but Fid posted this awhile ago

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Posted by Killjoy364 3 months ago Report

sets up a campsite to wait for chapter 6

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Posted by RasenGun37 3 months ago Report

The fuck's a "kudu"?

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Posted by Welcometocave 3 months ago Report

“kudu, two species of spiral-horned antelopes (tribe Tragelaphini, family Bovidae). The very large greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) is common in southern African wildlife reserves. The svelte lesser kudu (T. imberbis) is an elusive dweller in the arid lowland thornbush of northeast and East Africa.“
I’ve heard of them but I always figured they were “deer” like as opposed to bovine

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Posted by RasenGun37 3 months ago Report

Ah thank you!

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Posted by Gage73t 3 months ago Report

That bunny has sooo much packed in calories an protein.... anyone who eats her is gonna gain alot to their waistline lol

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Posted by HangryDemon 2 months ago Report

Mika can't catch a break. Not that I mind

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