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Hi, I'm Devourer, an eldritch abomination that completely fused with a human some time ago.
As you can guess from my name and icons, I have a truly insatiable hunger, and not only for standard not living food: I require eating alive roughly 5 or 10 living humans/furries every day in order not to go berserk, a number I try to reach by eating as many criminals and assholes I can and eating innocent civilians only if I can't find that many (which tends to happen quite often).

While I could eat my food in my human form, I will always use a monstrous form that we created together (mostly the human side, though): I look like a muscular wingless (I can create them if I need them) 5 to 25 meters (mostly in the 5 to 10 meters range, and I can become much, much bigger) tall anthropomorphic dragon with a metallic blue skin covered in blue and red vein-like things (they are mostly decorative only, but they provide light in my insides) and two red eyes.

You can read more about me here:

Well, that is all, hope that you will like what you saw and read, at least as I'm going to enjoy eating you.

Also, I'm far more active on my Furaffinity profile, so if you want to see more stuff, how I look like, etc, go there. I got a Discord too, feel free to ask for it, either here or on my furaffinity

If you want to get eaten by me, please check my preferences here:

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