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Hi, I'm Devourer, an eldritch abomination that completely fused with a human some time ago.
As you can guess from my name and icons, I have a truly insatiable hunger, and not only for standard not living food: I require eating alive roughly 5 living humans/furries every day in order not to go berserk, a number I try to reach by eating as many criminals and assholes I can and eating innocent civilians only if I can't find that many (which tends to happen quite often).

While I could eat my food in my human form, I will always use a monstrous form that we created together (mostly the human side, though): I look like a muscular wing-and-tail-less (I can create them if I need them) 5 to 25 meters (mostly in the 5 to 10 meters range, and I can become much, much bigger) tall anthropomorphic dragon with a metallic blue skin covered in blue and red vein-like things (they are mostly decorative only, but they provide light in my insides) and two eyepods.

The more interesting part is obviously the stuff that is related the my digestive system: the mouth is very big and is coated of a thick, acidic and sticky greenish drool and can completely unhinge (not that I have bones, but it's still notable), with a big, muscular, forked, and prehensible tongue, and the more noticeable and scary part: hundreds of needlelike and sharp fangs of various height (bigger on the outside layers), that clearly shows that the trip in my belly will not be a fun one. But that's just the starter: inside this very big maw there is another set of jaws that look like the main one but are smaller, with fewer fangs, and the fangs in the front portion are a little bit smaller to allow the tongue to pass.

The esophagus, while pretty large to allow for the swallowing of big preys, is not particularly long and is dimly lighted by the veins, but it's got very muscular walls to hold the prey and quickly (or slowly, depends ) send him to the stomach system, with the help of the drool.

The stomach system is actually made by three sequentially accessed stomachs, each one of them with a specific function: the first digests all organic matter, the second digest the bones, and the third and final one all remaining inorganic matter. No waste remains by the end of the process. The stomachs have some traits that they share with each other: they are all pretty big (especially compared to the exterior, but how that works is a long story), covered in drool, dimly lit by the veins-thing and I have absolute control over everything that happens inside them (as a side note, all stomachs can completely digest a prey from start to finish, but separating the different materials is quicker).

Now for the individual stomachs, the first that food enter is the "organic". It works pretty much like a standard stomach, shrinking towards the prey and then melting and absorbing everything that is organic. Bones and other materials start their digestion, but it will end in their respective stomachs. Only after all the organic materials and acid are completely absorbed that bones and everything else is allowed to enter the second stomach.
The second stomach is the "bone and similar" one. This one is actually different: it's covered in its entirety in fangs bigger (anything from 30 cm to 1 m) than the ones I have in my maw. Their purpose becomes obvious as soon as all the remains (or some unlucky prey that has to suffer) enter the big chamber: the stomach starts to at first shrink, but then peristalsis starts, effectively chewing everything (the fangs keeps on shapeshifting to fit perfectly in the gaps) until everything becomes an acidic goop, that is then absorbed. the only exception is inorganic materials, that are sent (already chewed and severely attacked by two cycles of digestion) to the next stomach.
And finally, the "inorganic" stomach is reached, which is exactly like the organic stomach but for inorganic stuff. After this, everything is digested and nothing remains of the meal.

Well, that is all, hope that you will like what you saw and read, at least as I'm going to enjoy eating you.

Also, I'm far more active on my Furaffinity profile, so if you want to see more stuff, how I look like, etc, go there

If you want to get eaten by me, please check my preferences here:

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