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Snack bar series 4.1 - Pred Club Buffet (Part 1)

A myriad of scents greeted Acirfa when she pushed the door to The Snack Bar open. They all appealed to her. She wasn't a fussy lynx.

As she padded across the crowded room, the eyes of pred and prey alike tracked her progress. She recognised a few faces.

'Hey, Acirfa! You ready for tonight? I'm so looking forward to i

You're hungry. There's nothing in the cupboards, except for some cash. The sofa is so comfortable. It's the perfect night for a takeaway.

Does that tickle your tastebuds? It's the premise of my first interactive story. Please, join in. Add bits if you like. Find links and rules below.


All scenarios must be takeaway based.

All paths end when the meal i

Furry Girl Food

A crisp breeze sweeps through the trees, chilling my bare skin. It spurs me on. Dead leaves crunch under my feet as I dash away from my home and towards my destiny.

As I wander deeper into the woods, my mind wanders. I dream of being cosy, warm, and loved. It's what I've come here for.

The throaty growl cuts into my fantasies. My head w

A Game of Fox and Rabbit.

From what my friend told me, Biff is perfect for me. I just hope she's right. I can't imagine him being worse than my last predator. He was


namby-pamby, and his belly was disappointingly cavernous. I prefer my tummies tight, and my predators strong. I want to be eaten by someone who shows m

Birthday Treat

The paw-indented wax seal on the envelope told the residents of Ymmuy village who had sent the letter before they'd even opened it. To discover its contents, they broke the seal.

"Greetings, people of Ymmuy,

This is the first time I've written to you since becomi

Virtual Vore Friends

The pack are so close now. I can feel the alpha's hot breath on me. It doesn't come as a surprise when I also feel his weight crash down on me as he pounces.

The rest of the pack, hot on their leaders heels, are quick to get to work on me. I feel bites all over me, accompanied by yummy noises.

'Take it easy, people. It'll be no fun

Vore story – The dragon and her helpful prey

Dragoness Patience

I can see him. My soon-to-be dinner! He's strolling all by himself on the lonely path between the villages. Doesn't he know this is a favourite hunting ground for ravenous dragons like myself? Either he pays no attention to the news, or he


The She Wolf's Favourite Game

Tonight was Saturday night, Sasha the she wolf's favourite game. As she walked out of the bedroom dressed for the occasion Sasha’s boyfriend looked at her with disdain. ‘don’t tell me you're doing that again. You did that only last week' he complained. Sasha confidently strolled over to him and whispered softly into his ear. ‘would you rather I had dinner wit

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FurryTastyTreat's Blog - Quotev Quizzes Posted 9 months ago

I have two vore personality quizzes on Quotev. Find links and details below. They're really fun, even if I do say so myself.

Vore Quiz - What's Your Perfect Prey?
A quiz to help preds work out what to have for dinner.

Vore Quiz - The She-wolf and the Meadow.
An interactive story/quiz in which you play a human that's been sent to a meadow to be sacrificed to a hungry she-wolf. Your answers determine if you get to return to your village, and if you and the she-wolf have a good time.

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