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Old Mabel and the Sprite

Once upon a time, there was a village in the western hills of a great kingdom. Beyond the village sprawled a deep, dark forest. Hardy woodcutters would often fell trees on the edge of the forest, and swift hunters would prowl the outskirts to hunt for game. But the forest was massive, and few people travelled to its center. Only a few enterprising alchemists and potion-bre

Lied, Or: The True Tale of the Odyssey, Part 2
lone battered ship continued to sail through the wild waters of the
Mediterranean, just one out of the twelve that had visited the island
of the Laestrygonians. Eleven of Odysseus' fleet had been ripped to
splinters by the rocks thrown by the Laestrygonian giants, with the
King of Ithaca himself barely escaping on the last ship along with a
motley crew. The winds had taken them to yet another island, Aeaea,
where Odysseus and his sailors

Circle of Life
I thought I had my
whole life figured out - set in stone, more or less. Thirty-five
years old, in a well-paying job, wife, two beautiful children, happy
with how things were going in general. My job may not have been
perfect - I liked it, mind you, but I had to work morning and evening
shifts in a flexible, unpredictable fashion, which made it hard to
plan ahead at times - but altogether, I had little reason to be
It was shocking how
abruptly all this could change.

What You Eat
"So, how's
university going?" the blonde-haired boy asked. He and another
boy were sitting close to each other on a couch, watching a football
match that held none of their interest. Not just because it was
boring (who would have thought Real Madrid could play so uninspired?)
but because both of them were clearly distracted - obvious to an
outside viewer, anyways (of which there were none - the boys had the
house all to themselves). There was little light seeping in

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I see. Well, if you don't mind it, then I think there's many roleplayers who don't mind shallow characters :). If you do, let me know, but otherwise, enjoy yourself. That's what we're all here for, after all. :)


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