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Greetings! I'm a feral vore artist as they're my favorite predators, which is what you will mostly see in my gallery. I'm the Creator of the Mystic Animals, a huge group of talking, sentient, creators that live in the same world together with humans. Mystic Animals can range from a huge variety of creatures such as felines, canines, dragons, so on and so forth. But they do not eat each other because that's just how my world is, it's also something I'm just not interested in seeing and drawing. Cause I want the world I've been working on to be a place where one simply does not have to walk in fear thinking something will come out from that shadows and snag/devour you (Which I know some people would like XD).

So feel free to look through my Gallery! You will see more of my Mystic Animals AND favorite Pokemon I do really enjoy drawing.

Take note that my Characters & Mystic Animals are NOT prey. So please be respectful about that and not say anything prey related towards them.

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Liednar's Blog - Guess I'm back! >:U Posted 4 years ago

Strange to say but I may be back to post some of my work again, just going back to Eka's Portal to see a bit of the art made me feel like posting here. So I will post a little of the work I've already done on FA and future content later!

I'll be posting some old art every once in awhile so I won't flood the Latest Updates.

(Need to figure out how everything worked here again)

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Posted by SmashFurrJohn 2 years ago Report

Hey there. It's PrinceKisaian. I go by John now.

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Posted by silverspec 4 years ago Report

Hey, glad you're back. You're the first vore artist I discovered back in the day ^^

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Posted by selomon 6 years ago Report

Super lovely gallery!


Posted by CyBeR_pAnDa 8 years ago Report

Cute icon


Posted by AcevisElecion 8 years ago Report

Aye yes I did. Figured I might as well, given a few people were a bit more active on here as well :P


Posted by AcevisElecion 8 years ago Report

Happy Birthday dude! ^_^


Posted by masterofvore1 9 years ago Report

<< Reply To Liednar

I saw your FA. it's awesome!
I'll definitely look there more often.


Posted by masterofvore1 9 years ago Report

I really like your drawings!! :D


Posted by Leshana 10 years ago Report

I'm not sure if its because of the persistent universe, or the human/mysticanimal interaction, but I am quite interested in these.


Posted by MementoMori 10 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch, it's appreciated :)

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Posted by thepokemonguy 10 years ago Report

well if nothing else, we can still chat through this, keeping in touch is still important... and of corse your always going to have Crystal in it, were would you be without her...?
uh... do I have anything else to add...? well shout back


Posted by thepokemonguy 10 years ago Report

hey dude, this is the only way I'll be able to chat with you the next few days... cause, I can't carry my home comp with me,... what did I want to say... oh, ya! I like your new icon, I see you finnaly finished it, it seems like "smile for the camera" should be writen above there... it seems I'm talking too much, I should probably stop...please reply...

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