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Welcome to my page, I guess.
Supposedly I write things. So yeah. There's that.

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Chapter 4 – Bread and Water
panted, finally having made her way back down onto the forest floor.
Her adrenaline riddled body had carried her far – at least, far
enough away from the flames. In her rash bout of speed, she had
failed to pick a viable direction and simply ran. At the time, any
direction that was not towards the fire was a good one.
heavily, she examined her immediate surroundings. She was still in a
forest, but she was unsure if it was the same forest she ha

Chapter 3 – Feast or Famine
“Is he still safe
for you to eat now?”
“Of course,”
Akara replied, admiring her handiwork. The slime had indeed found a
new home, and it seemed to be just what it had wanted. The would-be
meal had since been cocooned once more, with an obvious bulge in the
lower portion of the silken tomb. “But I don’t like the taste of
“What happens to
him now?”
“Does it matter?”
the drider asked, her annoyance growing once more. She turned to

Chapter 2 – Acquired Taste
Akara slowly walked
back into her bed chambers. She hadn’t the faintest idea how long
she’d been up, but her limbs screamed that it was longer than had
ever been conceived to be necessary. Sprawling out onto her bed
webbing, the drider took some satisfaction in just how tired she was.
An enraged drider is truly a terrifying scene; ones that she’d
only heard about before.
Turning to her
side, her full abdomen strained behind her weakened muscles. Before

The drider stood
slowly, easing into the fading light of the sunset. Her legs
stretched silently, despite what could only be described as joints
popping. Tonight was a night like any other – she was going to
check her traps, find what food she could, and return to her burrow
for a hefty meal. Thus was the cycle she’d gotten into.
Not a bad cycle by
many standards – rinse, lather, repeat; right? Sure, save for the
part where she was left hungrier and hungrier each night. The
crimson s

hadn’t been too terribly long after Rainbow’s complaint of
feeling ‘fuzzy’ that she’d turned to goo herself.  Probably
had something to do with the copious amounts of semen she’d managed
to fill herself with prior.  That, or the fact that she’d had
Fluttershy up her snatch as goo for so long.  Either way, she’d
gone to take a shower, and come back as goo.  After the initial
shock faded, it was replaced with that of curiosity.  Sexual
Curiosity.  F

"You okay
"Are you
Yeah, why?"
"You just seem a bit off today."
"I'm fine,
I promise!"
Her actions
betrayed her. You'd catch her shivering on occasion, and you'd swear
she was sweating. Not to mention her wings had held that extended
state for a while now.
you say so."
Deciding it'd be
better to drop the matter, you went about fixing lunch. She was
content to sit on the couch, ac

Two big doors
stood before Jessica. Rather, two big doors and almost an inch of
reinforced glass. Sitting on the bottom of her large glass
container, she idly wondered when her turn would come up. Other
girls like her had already disappeared into the abysmal white doors,
but she never saw any come back. Some were red, some were green, and
others still were blue, much like herself.
She had been human at one point, that much was obvious. If she
hadn’t been, then she wouldn’t have held the

The Webs We Weave – Prelude
“What do you
take me for, human, a fool?”
“N-no! Never!
“You what?”
“I’ll do
anything, anything you ask! Please just let me go! I have a
“There is
nothing you could do for me that I cannot do myself,” the drider
said, folding her arms over her chest. Carefully, she crawled down
into the webbed pit that the human had stumbled into. Her first
human catch! If only he had not been so irritating…

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Hokay, so, decided that the 6400 words wasn't near enough material for the asking price of $2.99, so I dropped it down to $0.99
Still feels high, but it is what it is. Going to turn my attention to my next eBook project - one set in the same universe as The Webs We Weave, maybe try and build up the world like that.

Woo! Wrote and published my first eBook on Amazon. You can find the US entry here, but it's available for every country.

The tags for the story are F/F, Unwilling Pred, Human, Fairy, Soft Vore, Implied Digestion, and Mutual Masturbation. I think that's most of them, though I'm so excited I'm probably forgetting...
[ Continued ... ]

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