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I write stories about a world inside a womans womb.

I'm Back... Again!

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R&D:Ankle Biters Hidden somewhere in lands of The Carnal Church, in the capital city of Uterall, a hedonistic and indulgent place led by a priestly caste, and consumed by the pleasures of the flesh, a corporation of sorts, created by a confederacy of various mill and factory owners, was headquartered, its offices sat in the cities business district.Sitting alongside many similar companies that controlled exploitative labour plants across the mountainous highlands and swampy lowlands of the C

Number Not FoundPart 4 Arcade grimaced as he braced against the walls of his sisters birth canal, he’d managed to turn around inside her tunnel, so that the blood was no longer rushing to his head, but he was still forced to keep pushing outwards in order to not to slip any deeper, especially since she seemed intent on walking with a bounce in every step she took, which caused each jolt to send him further and further in.“Hey!” He yelled out, “Could you try and walk a bit more gracefully

A Dog is for Life Kendra sighed as she approached the front door to her apartment building, Surfshack Suites, the interaction was the same, every single day, it was almost a ritual at this point, slowly, she pulled the building key from her coat pocket and slid it into the lock.As soon as the key crossed the threshold and into the small hole, a dog began excitedly barking from one of the ground floor apartments, Kendra swore under her breath, every, fucking, time.She wasn’t sure how she did it

Emergency Womb:The Conception Adam blanched slightly as he stood by the entrance of the cave, his normally pale and sickly skin growing even whiter as he looked up at the cavernous hole in the stone just before him, an immense feeling of fear and dread was washing over him, this was a primal place, a place of great power, and he was not welcome.He was so overcome by fear that his knuckles had actually gone bone white as they gripped hard at the handle of his cane, but he steeled himself, he hadn

Reformation and You:An instructional guide to understanding adipol sentience, reformation and other forms of life after digestion.Hello, if you picked up this pamphlet then it means that you more than likely have an interest in the potential long term effects of Embracing, whether that be as a potential predator, possible prey or simply for academic purposes, the exact reason for your interest matters little however, as this guide exists to educate as many Papal citizens as possible as to what h

Party Downstairs Alfie woke up angry, some asshole was banging something heavy downstairs and he could barely even hear himself think, what the hell was going on?He tried to cover his head with pillows at first in order to block out the noise, but that didn’t do squat, so, now properly peeved, he flung the covers off his bed with enough force to send them across the room, shot up and headed for the door, grabbing some old tracksuit bottoms and a crumpled t-shirt with unidentified stains on it

Whale Watching Sally smiled as she felt the salty sea air on her face, the cool wind whipped at her hair as the tour boat crashed along over gentle waves, the voice of the small ships captain, a friendly old man originally from Texas, came on over the speakers, “Howdy there everyone, hope y’all are doin’ well, it’s a wonderful day out, sky’s clear, suns bright and happy, it’s a perfect day for whale watching, and wouldn’t ya know it, we’re approaching the first spot now.” Sally

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Well this is awkward…
I’m back again, this time I come bearing tales from a world without internet!
It’s boring, don’t go there.
As a side note, if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where there’s only one person who’s able to fix an issue, and they won’t do it because ‘it’s not their problem’, then the answer is surprisingly simple.
Make it their fucking problem.
For instance, if there’s one person who controls the internet in you building and he’s dragging his feet in...
[ Continued ... ]

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