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Dogboy here! I'm here to provide with a few vore stories here and again. I'm hugely partial to painful digestion and unwilling, as well as disposal. I prefer short stories to help get my rocks off without having to slog through long, irrelevant story getting in the way of my smut!

I do role play! I have around 12 years of experience, though as you might be able to tell from my stories I'm pretty much always prey. I can pred for good friends, however! I prefer doing it over Discord.

Things to expect from me:
-Short Stories: Most, if not all of them will be short and to the point
-Painful Digestion
-Sadistic Preds
-Disposal and Sentient disposal
-Prey only POV
-Just about all vore types
-Bookmarks: I'll mark where and when things will happen as the story progresses so you can jump right into it, and know when to stop (Before say disposal)
-Prep Vore: This has become a most definite yes from me!

Things you probably wont see from me:
-Hard Vore
-Tail vore
-Micro Prey

Things you'll never see from me
-Multi prey in one belly: I personally HATE sharing space with other prey. I prefer the isolation.
-Food tf: Why?! Sure its inanimate tf but that kind of takes away the symbolism

Just about anything isn't a no when it comes to vore. I can deal with scat and the likes. Will I ever accept commissions? I don't know. Who would pay for a short story?

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mushrooms seems like a cop out when it comes to starting your role as
a hunter; couldn't a field expert do it instead? Well whatever the
reason, you're out in the ancient forest picking special mushrooms
today so it should give plenty of time to consider what monster
you'll hunt next. You only got a little time before being shoved into
the new world and the sword and board was the only weapon you could
acclimate to quick enough. You're a new face among new faces so it
didn't exactly help

bundling himself up with the sheet of the bed, your boyfriend looks
away, a bulge throbbing from underneath the sheets. With a blush on
his face and a bashful look, the boy was all too nervous about play
time, even though the two of you have been doing it for months. He
absolutely loved being handled but he was always so nervous about it
for some reason or another he’s yet to share. Only after some
patient waiting did he finally move the sheets over, allowing you a
good look at the usual

mild Autumn day, cloud overcast, light mildew on the ground at the
farm. It’s a pleasant change from all the heat the summer brought,
but here within the middle of the country winters get intense. Winds
brought cold with them, making you shiver even in your heavy clothes.
The only few respites from the cold was within the barn and the farm
house itself.
cunts.” The farm owner spoke, looking down an empty street that led
to further farmland. “When the hell did they run away? I

hot day on the farm.
hands here are plentiful, and the owners are more than happy to have
spare hands around to help. The two cow girls were always so chipper;
it was a mystery why some wouldn’t come back after a few days of
working. No matter. Today you get to work in one of the barns;
sorting hay stacks wasn’t easy but at least you didn’t have to
stand out in the sun working on the fields.
into the shady room, the smell of hay practically stuffed its way up
your nose.

a busy day. You’re first day at your new work and they’re already
working you on the floor. Here at the restaurant they serve predators
of all sorts, the waiters wear very skimpy clothing, much to your
dismay. It was barely hiding anything and leaving nothing to the
imagination. The silky straps slung to your chest, supported on your
back and shoulder; you were only allowed to wear short briefs that
left your groin very visible. The room today was hot and packed, too
busy for anyone to

were pushed along aggressively, hands held behind your back with an
iron grip, the hand holding it in place were hard and stiff. Just a
few moments ago you were trying to get through your usual path in the
Giant’s Forest back home, but you were quite literally pounced. The
side of your face still hurts! The walk felt like an eternity, it
didn’t help that the tree’s here were quite literally four times
thicker than most sky scrapers, the height stretching for miles on
high. Simply being

boyfriend was the heaviest sleeper known to man. You love him but
when you want morning cuddles or simply to enjoy him he doesn’t
wake up until past 12 in the afternoon. Regardless, the two of you
love sleeping together, but sometimes you’d take different
positions so he would stop rolling onto you. Still you enjoyed
personal contact, occasionally laying your head onto his rear for
comfort, or he on yours. The two of you have known each other for
about 6 months now, and although you lov

was a nice walk through the mire. Not a lot of people would consider
it, but you liked the long grass and wide open plains. A cool wind
blows, you could only shiver in hopes you stay warm, rubbing your
hands rapidly over your arms. With an exhale and more shivering, you
continue onward, the cloud above giving way to a moment of sunshine
and warmth. It wasn’t terribly eventful, you were going to visit
your favorite hill then return home, thinking about that pile of
sticks you’ve arranged i

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Rwizard's Blog - I'm surprised Posted 2 years ago

Permanently expecting is still my most popular story. Guess people are more in for unbirth than anything. I still want to revisit unbirthing again some time, but I have to be in the mood for it to write it well. I'm hoping to include transformation with it.

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Posted by Degooed 1 year ago Report

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hey, thanks man. i love your stories to.


Posted by Takoma 2 years ago Report

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Aw, but they're so cute.


Posted by Takoma 2 years ago Report

Meow i got an idea for a sploon story,jelly fish vore at the market.


Posted by dcvfgb1234 2 years ago Report

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I wouldn't mind RPing with you.


Posted by Takoma 2 years ago Report

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That is true on what could bring into peoples sight or something else in their minds.


Posted by Takoma 2 years ago Report

I wonder if there could be a callie, marie, pearl, or marina vore comic, but then i havent really seen any pearl except for when she wins a splatfest...


Posted by TrixietheVoracious 2 years ago Report

I really like your stuff, Sentient disposal and prey POV are my 2 fave things! Maybe we could work on something if you're ok with furry preds or ponies or anything really i'm open to a LOT of things!


Posted by Tabris 2 years ago Report

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Thank! <3

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