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In the GrassBySeeguy/ShadeJohnny walked along on his way home, enjoying the warmth of a bright spring afternoon. Amidst the warm amber haze, he couldn’t resist straying from the campus’s paved walkway to meander a bit through the adjoining meadows, thinking it would make a nice detour on his way back to the house he shared with a few other students. Johnny walked through the thin belt of trees lining the path and after a couple of minutes stepped out into a lush green field. Pastel a

A Goddess Awakens – Chapter 1By Shade/SeeguyTom sat at his desk typing in data, looking down at information on his print-ups, then typing in more data. He thought about Kate, home alone, because yet again their days off hadn’t aligned. They were used to it at this point. Kate worked in retail, and in retail every day could be a weekday and any day, a weekend. Tom sighed and went back to typing. Flashes of his fiancé’s pretty naked body joined with snippets of the sweet things

Sincerely Yours, Alison the BlobBy SeeguyDear Rebecca, Well, it worked better than we could have possibly hoped. You may have heard parts of the story through the forums and chatrooms, but I wanted to tell you the full story myself. First of all, thank you for sending the stuff. I feel like my life, and possibly civilization as we know it, will never be the same again. Let me catch you up to speed. I can’t believe that just a month ago I was telling you how awful things were getting


David saw the


spots dotting the sole of Lisa’s long slender foot. He gave a wry frown.


“You’ve been having fun without me.”


Steven for Dinner
the car took another jolt on the unimproved rural road, it bounced
Steven against his seatbelt again.
Matt,” he said, “At this rate I’m going to be nothing but
bruises by tomorrow.”
you didn’t have to come if you didn’t want to.” Matthew
reminded him.
worry, I whine for fun, but I don’t think it’ll be that bad. It’s
like before when I complained how dusty everything out here seems”
turned the

Wants A Giant
knelt on a sea green foam pad that kept the dirt of off her jeans.
With a gloved hand, she yanked and yanked. The weed came loose from
the soil. Sharon dropped it into a bucket with the rest. A low
thudding boomed in the distance. Sharon sighed and looked around for
more weeds. She couldn’t see any. She admired her carrot patch.
There was another boom coming from miles away.
reached the city, eh?” Sharon said to herself.
stood up and wa

asked me to write a little about the Change and the effect it has had
on my life. The most obvious thing is that I’m a star of sexy
videos which are both educational and entertaining. Most people
reading this have probably seen me in action, devouring lovers with
various orifices. I was also part of the earliest waves of the
Change. I was one of the first hundred thousand to transform into
humanoid animal people. The editors of this book probably think that

Unique plant hybrid
Variable depending on chosen form.
Variable; possibly N/A
from some other time or space; perhaps the result of radical
mutation. Those who know it know it only as the Plant-Thing. In it’s
normal state it resembles nothing more than and enormous Venus
flytrap with undulating vines capable of snaring the unwary. In it’s
beginnings it had no other purpose than to absorb as much biomass as
it could be it plant, a

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This story takes place in the same universe as Ebony's Story.

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