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With Sindiya’s beautiful engagement ring on her finger, she went out the next day on Thursday and made plans for John’s ring. John was more than happy to let Sindiya pick one out but he told her that he preferred something simple. John and Sindiya were having breakfast the following Mond

ay. They always got up early enough to have time for breakfast

which let them spend a

bit of time


After leaving the bus stop, John Barrow walked down the sidewalk in the downtown area. It was a rarity for him to go anywhere other than school without Sindiya but he had a special appointment today so he could earn a bit of money. It didn’t take long before he reached the building with the words “Sperm Bank” on the side. He literally could not remember the last time he masturbated so he hoped he wasn’t out of prac


Sindiya put two cups of tea down at the kitchen table and sat down. She was entertaining a guest today, her good friend Beth the giraffe.

Sindiya had given her a call and told her that John found a gir

lfriend, meaning she had won the


they’d made

. Beth took a sip


Thanks to the

raucous night

that was

had on Friday between John and Sindiya, they had a fairly relaxed weekend. It took until Monday for John to feel rejuvenated. As he sat down in his


class, John felt the urge to tell Scott of what happened, but knew better. Scott w

Lilly was racking her brain as to how to solve a rather glaring problem that she now had. Lilly Vaughn was the high school quiz bowl coach and after the completion of a large competition, she and her eleven students should have been leaving for the airport to head home. Unfortunately she hadn’t bothered to look at the updated flight plan which resulted in her discovering that the plane had already departed when she was checking the flight’s st

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I'm split at the moment as to whether do just four chapters so I can stick to just ten chapters for Book 2 or if I say the hell with it and write how ever many more chapters that I can put out with the ideas in my head. My general idea is never to limit myself to a chapter limit. I came out to ten chapters in the last book because that's just how it worked out.

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