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Species: Unknown (Human-like)
A quiet girl who doesn’t talk much, but she has a way of getting her point across. Strangely, she smells, and tastes, like chocolate and peanut butter. She stands at a mere four feet and five inches tall.
She has short blonde hair with brown buns. She wears a short, orange dress, with one sleeve shorter than the other.
Not much is known about her past. It’s possible that she doesn’t even kn

Real name: Unknown
Short orange hair, tiger stripes painted all over her body, she wears a tiger striped tube-top and loincloth.
She’s about five feet tall, weighs just under 100 pounds. She’s stronger than most humans, but not by much.
She firmly believes she’s really a tiger in a human body. She’s rash, easily bored, and often complains. She’s brave, but not fearless, and relies on her animal instincts when fighting or in trouble.
Tiggra went savage and got a taste fo

After tracking an unusual scent, Tiggra looked down, from a tree branch, to see a tall, blonde woman, with a bloated, squirming stomach. A human hand disappeared into the woman’s mouth, and down her throat.
Tiggra licked her lips, and wiped away some drool. She knew she needed to get this woman in her stomach, one way or another. The woman looked strong, but luckily, she hadn’t noticed Tiggra yet, so she had the element of surprise. She waited for the right m

Catria was traveling along the forest path, her trusty backpack full of things she needed for the journey. As she was walking her stomach growled. She has plenty of food, but she wanted to set up camp before eating. She starts to venture off the path, planning to find a good place to set up camp, when she is suddenly jumped from behind by a pair of bandits, who quickly blindfold her. One of them grabbed her, while the other stripped her of her bag, and then proceeded to search her for anythin

It was a normal day like any other, and Catria was taking a shortcut through the forest, unaware that Tiggra was watching her from the treetops. After a few wrong turns, it wasn’t long before Catria got hopelessly lost. To make matters worse, she had not packed any food, and it was starting to get dark. She has no choice but to set up camp. She gathers up sticks and branches to make a fire. She’s hungry and tired, and isn’t sure she can make it through the night, but it’s too dark to

Tiggra was patrolling through her forest, when she caught the scent of a strangely sweet smell. She recognized it as the candy commonly eaten by humans. What’s weird, is that she doesn’t smell any humans, and it’s moving. She decides to investigate anyway, and comes across a young girl in an orange dress, who seems to be the source of the sweet smell.
Catria was just passing through the forest, unaware of the dangers lurking in the trees above. Tiggra wondered why this pe

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