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Hey, I write things! Sometimes.

I'm an author with a sporadic writing schedule. I may produce something week to week one time, and then go without anything for a month.

If you can stick with me, you have more patience than I do! But thank you for your support.

Now let's get to the smut.

My stories will primarily contain:
-Scat (Post Vore AND Pre Vore)
-Sex or Sexual Themes
-Oral and/or Anal Vore

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Jan 1st, 2019


Happy New Year Diary! I made my resolution list. This year is gonna be super, I just know it! I am gonna kick this year's butt for what the last year did to me. Anyways, here is my list for the upcoming year. I’m gonna rewrite the list and put a check mark by each one when it's done. This year is my year!


(This story will contain the following: F/???, F/F, Female Pred, Female Prey, Anthro Pred, Human prey, Micro Prey, Macro Pred, Dragoness Pred, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Anal Entrapment, Endo, Digestion, Off Screen Vore, Post Vore Scat, Hyper Scat, Scat Play, Scat Eating, Post Vore Watersports, Watersports, Golden Shower, Marking, Rimming, Cleaning, Smo


(This story will contain the following: Male Pred, Female Prey, Demi Pred, Demi Prey, Trap, Intimacy, Anal Sex, Teasing, Rimming, Facesitting, Smothering, Anal Vore, Dirty Anal, Digestion, Masturbation, Cum, Post Vore Scat, Post Vore Watersports, Bed Messing, Reformation, Submissive Pred, Dominant Prey. )



(This story will contain: M/F, Male Predator, Female Prey, Human Predator, Human Prey,


, Diapers, Diaper Disposal, Soiling, Scat, Diaper Wetting, Watersports, Vaginal Sex, Oral Vore)


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Hellooooooo It's meeeee.

So, Ive done a few stories here, amassed a few followers, and done a little something different for each item. I like to push myself to unique, under represented ideas to write out. I enjoy exploring different settings and characters and events and interaction. The main problem is... well.. I like to complicate them. Complex ideas and interactions take awhile to write, and require more detail. And this can turn even the simplest ideas into stories that takes weeks to do, especially since I don't have a specific writing schedule.

I'd like to pepper out my gallery with much shorter, more succinct works. Things only about 3-5 pages in length. Quick ideas that don't take long to make or long to proof read. So, I'd like to introduce 'Quickies',...
[ Continued ... ]

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Oh, ok, I really liked those stories, and I'd like to know what it would be like if I had your second part of this great story


Posted by Dragónmacro 1 year ago Report

What happened to the second part of a simple digestive survival guide? I've been waiting 5 months for the second part of this great story


Posted by Dragónmacro 1 year ago Report

Hi, I'm new, I like your stories


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