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Hey, I write things! Sometimes.

I'm an author with a sporadic writing schedule. I may produce something week to week one time, and then go without anything for a month.

If you can stick with me, you have more patience than I do! But thank you for your support.

Now let's get to the smut.

My stories will primarily contain:
-Scat (Post Vore AND Pre Vore)
-Sex or Sexual Themes
-Oral and/or Anal Vore

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It was just beginning to turn into Autumn. Leaves were turning brown, red, and yellow shades. Clouds began to overhang again, shading areas in thick, large shadows. The chirping and crowing of birds were dimming. Rain was in the forecast for the next few days. The biggest tell of all for the coming of seasons changing, was back to school time. Parents dutifully rush to

collect things

for their kids and teens. Scheduling, after s


(This story will contain: M/F, Male Predator, Female Prey, Human Predator, Human Prey,


, Diapers, Diaper Disposal, Soiling, Scat, Diaper Wetting, Watersports, Vaginal Sex, Oral Vore)



(This story will contain the following: F/F, Female


, Female Prey, Demi


, Human Prey, Micro/Macro, Oral Vore, Endo, Descriptive G

Ms. Cordelia: Teacher of Gifted Individuals


(This story will contain: F/F, F/M, Willing, Reluctant Willing, Male Prey, Female Prey, Female Predator, Soft Vore, Oral Vore, Anal

Vore, Anal

Sex, Ora


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