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scene was the kind that inspired artists to compose or paint works
about the fragility civilization and how everything eventually
returns to nature: A lush forest with undergrowth so dense and varied
that a game trail was the only path, teeming with life undisturbed by
settlements and travelers. In the midst of it all, an old tower of
cracked and mossy stones had been claimed by the wilds, vines, bushes
and other plants taking root on its old hewn stones.
Lillitia thought, this w

about Camilla was all that remarkable. With her worn, dirt-stained
clothes, sun-bleached hay-blonde hair collected in a mussed ponytail
spilling from the top of her head and skin tanned from frequent
exposure to the sun, she pretty much matched the stereotype of “fifth
daughter from a poor peasant family”. A bath and some nice, less
baggy clothes might have earned her the label “cute” and if seen
in the company of her master, the sorcerer Kato, the casual observer
would have paid

introduction to the world of Foxy Fatale and its side stories.
Short version:
Expect short
stories from a fantasy world with vore a secondary focus.
Long version:
Foxy Fatale (aka
FF) is a long running RP, telling the story of CassyInko’s
characters and my own, as well as the world they live in. If you have
followed some of Ryla’s exploits in CassyInko’s gallery, you
might have seen hints of it – Carnal Afterglow and Fairy-ly
Terrible Dilemma both took place in the main story, and The

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Merry Christmas!


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Merry (slightly early!) Christmas!


Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago

Little bit early, but not sure I'll be around Christmas! ^_^

Merry Christmas! <3


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Well i like stories and i really like stories about kemonomimi girls


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No problem! Thanks for having such a cute profile pic!

Coora Ithirid

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You deserve it


Posted by CassyInko 2 years ago

Yaaay, thanks for the watch! :)


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Hey, I see you like to RP. Interested in RPing with me?


Posted by CassyInko 3 years ago

Merry Christmas! :D <3

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