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He was a nation formed through alliances of tribes to conquer others, initially being ruled by a council of former tribal leaders. Foulo was a prophet for believing the Sun was the god Soulidis. Eventually he United the people under the religion of Sol.
 However during a drought, the people began to blame the council for the lack of water. They rebelled in the Capitol, taking the city of Gamo in the end and declaring Foulo King. After a few years of rule his power hungry wife devoured him &

So Seer is a group of organized tribes, brought together by their belief in a lost mother, who warmed the earth with her womb, now the earth (as they know it) is an icy cold snow covered land. Being on a island, they dont know of the world beyond the ocean.
 To keep warm on the move, they unbirth each other with the "mother" wearing a lot of fur to keep herself warm while her womb warms her occupant.
 Inside they have fires, but often unbirth is more effective for warmth

So Retalia is a people of war. The nation is very unstable as it doesnt have a true ruler. Various sectors fight for control.
 The only requirement to the throne is the ability to Anal Vore. Those with the throne will usually try to set tradition that their bloodline gets it. But usually that is never set as new person eventually takes it.
 The country has very different views as it is a band of all sorts of different tribes that were conquered by Tulia the Warrior. A woman who was ve

The nation of Umerth lives in the cold Tiaga regions. Their lands are heavily populated with people eating wolves, bears, foxes and more, as well as savage tribes of people.
 Each village has a warrior group, lead by the General. The general is always a female, the women are the mobile troops that go outside of the villages to attack nearby threats before they can threaten the village. Wearing furs and having wombs of bellypets to keep warm.
 The males are defensive, staying in the vil

So Barru is a male dominated country. Oral vore is sometimes done but often seen as wasteful as people are better cock vored to become cum for breeding. Unbirth is very rare as most women spend most of their time pregnant. Anal Vore is practically unheard of.
 The country is ruled by all eligible kings. A king is eligible by having a "royalized" wife, to royalize his wife he must cock vore a unwed sister, or in the case of there being no unwed sister and being the oldest prince hi

Oceania believes the sea houses a God Bynesis. A tale tells of Bynesis orignally punishing people for overharvesting his ocean for food by making them mortal. Through a series of tales, he forgives humans, but being unable to reverse their morality gave them the gift of birth. He also gave them the ability to Vore so they dont have to harvest his oceans so much. As long as humans devour each other and land animals well, he promised to allow smaller harvests of the ocean creatures, and promised t

So Beijon is a nation of people in the mountains. Most are very fit due to having to traverse the environment and avoid dangerous animals. In the villages there are some who are less fit and not well traveled.
 Vore is the most popular form of food since it lasts long and gives great energy to travel the mountains terrain. Animals and berries make up the rest of their diet in the mountain region.
 The oldest daughter of the royal family is crowned Queen upon the stepdown/passing of her

Lu-ia believes that the Goddess Lu came from the heavens and gave birth to people. She tended to them, rewarding the good ones and devouring the bad ones. Though eventually her Godly peers called her back, upon leaving she gave woman the power of birth and vore so that humans can procreate and devour the sinful. Male preds were frowned upon in this society

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UBHunter's Blog - Next Drawing Poll Posted 7 months ago

Since the gallery doesn't really have a poll system and I don't want to set up a straw poll, I am just making a blog post for this.

I don't think enough people will respond for it to matter anyway

What should be drawn next? Options are:
A) Finish the Diaper Vore Sketch
B) Finish/Color the Samus Aran Sketch
C) Sketch more so that there are more options of stuff to finish
D) Draw another Character
E) Draw another Vore/other fetish combo (Vore/diapers, Vore/Disposal, Vore/Stuffing, Vore/Pregnancy, etc.)

Vote in the comments of this blog post

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