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Capital City: Narisari (a.k.a. The Great City)
Government Type: Constitutional Theocratic Oligarchy (4-10 comonarchs ruling as a polygamist council ties are broken by a pope like figure)
Currency: The Marker of Service (locally a pseudo communist barter system but there are actual Bill's for international trade)
Shorten Currency Name: NariMarks
Vore Status: Practically unheard of
Dominant Gender for Vore: N/A
Dominant Gender for Sex: Both
Average Age to Start Vor

Pretty Girl: Too Many times, I have accidentally eaten a good date in bed
 *phffrrwwttt* *diaper fills*
 Hot Girl: As good as it feels, sometimes you churn the wrong person
 *gurgle* *rubs chubby belly*
 Beautiful Girl: It doesn't matter who you devour though, atleast, not anymore. *smile* Not, With Reformster.
 Hot Girl: For only $359 you can reform anyone with ease.
 Beautiful Girl: With reformster, *urp* churn them up all you want
 Pretty Girl: *phfrwwtttt*

The Nation of Ju
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy (Elected Leader)
Currency: Jurus (Ju-Roo-s)
Shorten Currency Name: Rus (Roo-s)
Vore Status: Normal/Casual
Dominant Gender for Vore: Female
Dominant Gender for Sex: Female
 Average Age to Start Vore: 5
Average Age for marriage: 20
Average Age for Sex: 8
 Diapers: Widespread Usage
System of 10 years
Advanced Study options vary
Incest: Uncommon, Sometimes Common
Vore Between

Western Republic
Government Type: Republic
Currency: Republic Dollar Credits
Shorten Currency Name: Dollars
Vore Status: Normal/Casual
Dominant Gender for Vore: Female
Dominant Gender for Sex: Male
 Average Age to Start Vore: 5
Average Age for marriage: 15
Average Age for Sex: 10
 Diapers: Widespread Usage
Kindergarten - High School Minimum
College is an Option
Waiting list for actual schools. Out of a Kindergarten Class of 3

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I planned to have my Peach drawing done by Thursday and to start a new drawing. Unfortunately a small child has destroyed my styluses. This is what I get for still living with my parents. Drawing will be delayed until I get new ones, probably a whole week, plus the time to draw.

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Posted by Tasley9 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!~


Posted by mifigor19 7 months ago Report

You know that since ekka's portal moved to another server it's allowed to post underage. And if you want you can reupload,, beach snack " and you can try that idea i suggested you a while ago


Posted by Deathbat99 8 months ago Report

Thanks for watching and for adding Mrs.Bell to your favorites


Posted by vixingirl 11 months ago Report

Thank you the favorite! ;3


Posted by HappyDeadPony 1 year ago Report

Thank ya for the watch ^w^


Posted by redgirl 1 year ago Report

thanks for the fave!


Posted by fallenandscattered01 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by violetrose39 1 year ago Report

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My pleasure


Posted by Diversity23 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome ;-)


Posted by SkyTheDragones 1 year ago Report

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No worry cutie~


Posted by Modern45 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fave ^_^


Posted by MobiusTheIce 2 years ago Report

Really thanks for the watch, hope to not disappoint! :)

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