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Vore Games programmer. The creator of Space Odyssey, Vore War, OVRL, Discordia's tale & Nomad.

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Good news gentlemen!

Update 21 is nearly complete: I just need to complete two more smut scenes + convert a guest contribution to dialogue file form and it'll be ready to ship. So, one week, maybe two, maybe sooner than that.

This update is by content alone I think the biggest one I've done. 4 player as prey scenes, 5 player as pred scenes. lot of scenes.

But enough about the news of rejoicing. I have also begun planning for update 22.

Core to the update will be the combat overhaul and the addition of the stamina or action meter. Yes, that's going in, to add more depth to the combat which is currently about as deep as a michael bay script.

Secondary will be the 2nd dungeon overhaul. which bears some explaination. Before this I considered dungeons to be a place someone would just drop...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by R3X 1 year ago

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because i'm a horrible, horrible stalker who loves your games :3


Posted by Komodo 1 year ago

Thanks a bunch for watching my work ^_^
I hope I can deliver to expectation!

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