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Vore Games programmer. The creator of Space Odyssey, Vore War, OVRL, Discordia's tale & Nomad.

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“Warning, a resonance cascade event has occurred. Extra-dimensional beings have been detected. Exercise caution.”  
As she ran Sandra was struck by the thought she should have called in sick today. Though the blaring alarms and the dispassionate alert on the PA are probably enough to give everyone else the same idea. The thing was that Sandra wasn’t even at fault here. The researchers fleeing with her? Screw them they’re the ones who decided that the appropriate

It has been some months since I began my research here. The Makitu tribe has many cultural similarities with those down river but their relative isolation has led to some peculiar and fascinating traditions that appear entirely unique to them. Of particular note is their rituals pertaining to a supernatural being they call Drassa which seems unheard of in the other tribes. However the tribe are reluctant to share the full stories of this being with outsiders and as such I have sought to learn th

Zeta walked boldly toward the entrance of the sorority in the guise of Chelsie the Sorority girl who she’d so recently devoured. She was confident she now had what she needed and more importantly she was eager and impatient to get to this part of the plan. After all, humans are delicious and she was eager to consume enough of the ones humans themselves considered most desirable to..truly appreciate their qualities. There was no one outside the door this time but it didn’t take long a

“Hello I am a sales representative from Maria Kelly. Would you be interested in facial decoration products?”
The first thing that struck Chelsie about this frumpy 30 something was how she’d marched up to her out of the blue, but the second thing was..facial decoration products?
“You mean cosmetics? What kind of a sales lady doesn’t know what they’re selling. And I’m not interested in buying your stupid product if they can’t even stop you looking pl

“~No, who even are you? This is for members of the sorority only we don’t just let anyone in.” the girl said and Zeta kept her face, and thus the face of her holographic disguise she’d been using at the gas station, impassive. Clearly there were social rules in place here she was unaware of.
“But if I was a member of the sorority then you would permit me entry?” Zeta probed. The brunette girl at the door of the sorority blinked a bit at being caught off balanc

“And I’m telling you, go see it. See it now, E.T. The extra terrestrial in cinemas. You’re gonna fall in love with it. I sure have, and now a word from our sponsors.-”
Buck jabbed a finger at the radio “Pfah, aliens.” he exclaimed mostly to himself, he wasn’t sharing the car with more than a few empty beer cans after all. The young man tried to adjust the radio back onto a channel with some decent tunes but had to look back up at the loud honking from th

“You are not entitled to explanations until my questions have been answered ‘captain’.”
Katherine bit back a retort at such a response from the alien. But every part of their conduct so far had been needlessly bullying and belittling so far which made Katherine’s earlier decisions harder to bear.
“And an explanation would help me put your questions in context, Reshal.” Katherine responded as civilly as the situation warranted. Though the situation rankle

Chink Chink Chink
With a soft grunt of exertion Anya pried the rock loose and shoved it behind her, wriggling on her belly and mentally cursing this tight shaft she's working her way down. The rock inches above her spine as she crawled through the pitch darkness.
“And if there was a better way back to the main gallery I'd be taking it.” she told the cold oppressive rock surrounding her as she wormed forwards, working by feel until she felt the next obstruction along the downward slop

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