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Hopefully all of you will enjoy my gallery ‘w’

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Posted by jackel66 1 day ago

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Welcome to ekas portal
Your work is truly magnificent and if i have any ideas ill let you know


Posted by Atinik 4 days ago

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You make great pictures. I love your art.


Posted by almindore58 5 days ago

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As much as I want to, I can't pay at all, so can't request commissions


Posted by ChowDownSyndrome 6 days ago

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No problem. Also, more pictures of an internal view stomach only. Also also, by any chance are these artist of yours taking commissions? ^^.


Posted by Cpt 7 days ago

Thanks for the follow!


Posted by Ryahsson 7 days ago

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No problemo!


Posted by ChowDownSyndrome 8 days ago

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You're drawings are really good. I think what you're doing right now is great, but it may take a little time for people to pick up on you. I guess you could try "speeding up" the attention by drawing more pictures that don't have organs, unfortunately. I love the way you draw the stomach and surrounding organs, but a simple stomach or bulge has a wider appeal. Though, this is just a suggestion. Love your work regardless o3o/


Posted by extreme0089 8 days ago

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Okay and good luck :D


Posted by Downyago 8 days ago

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Sure dee do m8. Look forward to more fo your art.

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Posted by kugaku 9 days ago

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I like your commissions because of cute anime girls, big bellies, booty and boobs. Simple but effective.


Posted by kugaku 9 days ago

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Welcome! I would love to give you feedback.


Posted by Furanz 10 days ago

I love the stuff you post! I'm so glad there are others who love stretched and bloated organs and internal shots! Keep commissioning, your ideas are great!!

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