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Heya and welcome!

I write vore stories of varying subjects and styles.

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[Cephalopod supper]
Serena closed the door of her rental car, stepping outside, looking over the beach below. Small Parasols and towels dotted the beach, with people running, playing, and sunbathing. She'd taken a few weeks off to travel around Europe, Landing in Belgium and traveling around from there from country to country.
She took her towel and parasol out of the car and started to head down the beach herself. Around her, she could hear the locals chatting, but unable to understand what's b

[First Class Flight to the Stomach]
"Afraid of a little water, are you? C'mon, join in!" one of the boys yelled to Henry from the water.
He and his friends had decided to head up the mountains that day and go for a relaxing swim in the lake. Henry was never particularly fond of the water; he had never been a good swimmer. He would prefer not to go swimming, but he figured going outside with his friends would be better than staying inside all day.
His friends had already jumped in without hesitat

[a horse girl's adventure]
willing vore, willing digestion
Late at night, Amber had decided to sneak out in order to visit her favorite horse Dash in the local stable. She'd been crying in the stable with the large, black, stallion, stroking the horse's neck. This was the last night she'd have with Dash, before moving away to the city where her father had gotten a new job.
She didn't want to go away, but what choice did she have? She'd spend the night crying, petting the black horse and feeding

[a midnight walk on the beach]
Oral, Willing prey, willing digestion
Jessica lay awake, hearing her sisters, Abigail and Rebecca, in the other room still awake and talking, playing a board game it seemed. Jessica was waiting for them to go to sleep. The three sisters had rented a beach house for the weekend to spend some quality time together, they walked around the beach for most of the day, watching the waves and talking about their stories for the past.
Jessica didn’t see her sister&rsq

[date night]
Oral, willing vore, digestion, same size
The sound of silverware clattering against plates, combined with chatter fills the air. Rebecca the Bunny is sitting in a restaurant, the seat in front of her taken up by a rather large lion. The two are on a date together, eating food and talking about random little things. Rebecca has been on a few dates with the lion, enjoying the time they spend together and starting to feel very attached to him.
This wasn’t very much like Rebecca t

[One night stand]
Oral, willing vore, digestion, masturbation
“c’mon, won’t you join us?” Said Rebecca to her sister Abigail, “alright, why not?” Abigail sheepishly replies. The three bunny sisters, Rebecca, Abigail and Jessica had spend the night out and met up with a handsome looking fox, who invited them over to his house. Abigail, being a bit of a shy and introverted, already wasn’t too keen going out, let alone go to a strangers house. Convinced by

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