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Find me under the same name on deviantArt, FurAffinity, tumblr. (Also on weasyl, inkbunny but inactive.) You'll find additional art on my other accounts, including both vore and not-vore.

I like male prey (agender/non-binary prey is also fine) and mostly human prey (kemonomimi or mermen are good, MLP stallions and dragons are also sometimes good). I love Undertale. I wanna eat Sans :3

Vore fanfics:
Original vore fic:
dA/FA may have some other short original fics.

I'm just here to post art, not looking for RP.

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I am taking commissions!
You can find the info here:
Or on my FurAffinity:
Commission queue is located on my FurAffinity profile.

If you PM me here, please allow a few days for response, as I don't log on to check messages every day.

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Posted by AriStarlightSin 1 month ago

<< Reply To lycovore

Ah don't worry about that, I don't mind, we all have things to do! But I still appreciate that you'd want to!

Anyways, what would you like? I'm pretty flexible.

As for me, I was wondering if you'd like to make another Villainous again? But if not, I can always request something else.

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Posted by AriStarlightSin 1 month ago

Hey! Would you ever like to do an art trade? I'm a huge fan! :0 But if you're busy I understand!

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Posted by HornyShadow 7 months ago

I made an account with commenting in mind and I just wanna say that your Undertail work is some of my favorite works ever!


Posted by sweetbunnii 1 year ago

it's always nice to see someone else who draws ut vore~

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Posted by DatBlangry 1 year ago

<< Reply To lycovore

A bun also! owo/


Posted by ilbv 1 year ago

<< Reply To lycovore

You do, its still really awesome to see you have an interest all across the board though <3


Posted by ilbv 1 year ago

Being watched by you in a huge honor thank you! <3 <3 <3 I love your work so much!!!


Posted by CGR-7 1 year ago

Thank you for watching, Lyco. =)

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Posted by Predator 3 years ago

Thanks for the fave :)


Posted by BarbasLover 4 years ago

Heya! Thanks for favin', and a big welcome!


Posted by CGR-7 4 years ago

Hey there, Lyco. Welcome to the Portal. =)

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