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I love vore. Why else would I be here :p I am prey and prey only. Any hungry preds out there? ;) haha. My interests include anthros (usually foxes, centauresses if that counts, dogs, and cats) also humans. Usually prefer anal or vaginal vore (digestion after is preferred but not needed :) ) will try unbirth (haven't tried it before but it sounds fun!). I hope that leaves you with options!

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Posted by Felicekitty 2 years ago

Thanks for watching me!~<3 Mriaow


Posted by MaximumImpulse 2 years ago

❤ Thank you so much for the watch!! ❤

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Posted by CassyInko 2 years ago

Thanks alot for the watch! ^_^


Posted by Gelenor 2 years ago

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....artwork? You do realize I can't draw for shit right? None of this stuff is my work. I commission it, but that is about it.


Posted by Gelenor 2 years ago

Thanks for the watch.


Posted by Kreeyz 2 years ago

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Hehe thanks *blushes* I'll try to do more soon enough but my game project is taking sooo much of my free time atm :p


Posted by Kreeyz 2 years ago

Hello and thanks a lot for the watch !! :)


Posted by NicoTheRapidash 2 years ago

Hey there, I'm on skype~

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Posted by Komodo 2 years ago

Hey mate, thanks for voting =D
I noticed that you joined recently,
so Welcome to Ekas! If you need any
help, do let me know =)

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