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YEY my first vore dream... I wonder why so late... well that doesn't matter I had one XD

The other night when I was sleeping I had my first vore related dream. And it went that way.

I was walking in the streets and the streets had all kinds of creatures from naga's to furry and so on. Then I saw a female naga a beautiful one. I approached her and she smiled at me and we started to talk to each other. Then it jumped to me being in my room with her. And we were talking. Then we kissed and started to make out and cuddle. her snake body was great It's like I was really there. Then after long kisses and rubbing against each other she liked my ear and then I felt her mouth begins to gape and go over my head. But then my father went into the room and looked at us and smiled I tolled him to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Bright 4 years ago

I used your character in "The Game" for the pages 34 and 35. The link to the pages are in the forum thread.


Posted by deidara 8 years ago

yo what up my name anthony is nice to meet u add me


Posted by Cameilla 10 years ago

LOL thanks :) I plan to write much more this summer because I have plenty of time now :)

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